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  1. Our results so far suggest Cuba’s government should start blaming their woes on aliens - more credible.
  2. It’s a shame Especial are so hard to find because this really shouldn’t even be a contest, but they certainly won’t win because so few people have actually smoked them.
  3. The Tax Foundation estimates that over half the cigarettes consumed in the state of New York are smuggled. That’s a lot of cigs. Even if it they were getting 50 cents on the dollar, you’re talking nine figures a year in revenue. Safe to say that globally it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.
  4. It’s almost the definition of ironic. It could very well be said resentfully too, but the situation is definitely ironic.
  5. JL2 over Siglo III is absurd. Come on guys this isn’t a value poll.
  6. I had a rash of late 2019 RAG’s and Monte 1’s that were tent polls. Every single one. Horrible. But otherwise they’ve been fine.
  7. Oddly enough I have zero interest in a Trinidad belicoso. It is a very nice humidor though.
  8. If you look at the bottom I think you can see this was actually Ken’s best attempt at a selfie 😉
  9. Certainly more tasteful than the last few cigar watches I’ve seen.
  10. A humidor for the skinny smoker in your life - no jawbreakers allowed!
  11. They age better and maintain much more of their flavor. It’s a personal preference but there is no downside other than slightly slower aging.
  12. Even lighter NC light Davidoff really reward at least a year of aging, though I strongly advise keeping the cello on.

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