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  1. By this are you referring to blending the transitions from dark to light or the actual color matching?
  2. Closest I can think of is aged Ramon Allones, specifically the Superiores. It's not as "prune-y" as the Famosos but definitely dried raisins or stone fruit. IME they need a good 3-5 years for their fruit to "dry out".
  3. I can't imagine it's ever economical to grow tobacco like that, or even feasible for Cuba given their energy woes. Growing at home is different entirely, and indeed many of us probably live in climates where it's obligatory if you want to grow your own with any quality. I believe tobacco for NC is grown hydroponically (if not indoors) until it's a seedling ready for planting. One of our resident Cuba experts can weigh in on whether that's the MO in Cuba as well. As for whether Criollo could be reintroduced, the issue I suspect is the risk of crop-failure. It couldn't be used in current blends since it would likely change them, so an LE would appear to be the only feasible vehicle. And given the ridiculous premium they're already able to charge for them, why bother with the expense?
  4. Funny I just saw this after smoking a Monte 2 that looked perfect in construction and had horrible burn issues. I share your experience with recent production (2019/2020) - I keep at a relatively low RH (65%). I have just assumed it's bad luck - I don't smoke many 2's. I will give 62% a go.
  5. Another huge loss for this community and no doubt his friends and family too. One of the sages of FOH. Condolences to Inge and the family. Rest in Peace Nino. You will be missed.
  6. Good Lord, that country. I’ve always believed “never think it can’t get worse, God has a better imagination than you do” but this is just sadistic.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. We only imprison more of our population than, let me see, any other country in the world. Very pro-criminal.
  8. I’m guessing their age had a lot to do with it. BOP isn’t thrilled with taking on seniors as new inmates - it’s expensive. Also, judges know they’re liable to have them back on the docket for compassionate release claims (bullshit or otherwise).
  9. Full disclosure - my estimation of your taste went up a tick or two upon learning my mistake 😉
  10. I won’t lie - I didn’t look too closely and thought that was a hat.
  11. I have an equivalent number of Trini. Though I do wish I’d picked up two dozen more boxes of Esmerelda at $240 to flip on BR - won’t lie about that!
  12. Come on guys. My post was intended as a jest, not an insult. And let’s be real here - when you post a picture of your 20 boxes of Trini and say you have three more on the way, you’re struttin’ a bit. Just own it.
  13. What a shame - the Especial is one of Cuba's preeminent cigars. If they are only going to produce these sporadically in low quantities and charge a substantial premium for skinny vitolas, they could at least give them to rollers who know what the hell they're doing.
  14. You can laugh, but that's where I started from! I have horrible fine motor skills and sucked at art as a kid. But the truth is that if you have the dexterity to throw a baseball, you can learn how to draw and paint. What attracted me to painting what realizing that most of the hard parts are mental - recognizing values, hues, etc.

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