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  1. Great review @Connoisseur Kim ! Nice pics, too. I had a business dinner this past Saturday evening that interfered with my plan to join you on Zoom. I look forward to your next Kimfessions. I will keep my calendar clear so we can enjoy a cigar and conversation together.
  2. After 2.5 months of COVID lockdown in Shanghai finally lifted, logistics have started moving again and our FOH 2022 Guayabera LE arrived this morning. Most fittingly, it’s also my birthday today! What a great gift. The fit is great on mine and also Sophia’s. Quality is impeccable and they look even better than the pictures - if that’s possible. We’ll post some pictures on this thread after we get them washed and pressed. Thanks Rob, to you and Steve, for creating this great product. You were right when you said… Joe Jenovese is the guru of Guayabera! Looking forward to the 2023 LE. Pics on the way soon.
  3. What a generous and thoughtful way to introduce a friend to our passion. You have compiled a great list and have already received plenty of good advice from our community. The only other stick I might suggest is the SLR Regios. Can’t go wrong with the honey and stone fruit profile. I find these to be a good introductory stick, mild body and very flavorful… much like the HdM Epi 2. Cheers to you mate for exemplifying what enjoying the leaf is all about!
  4. Happy Birthday, John! Wishing you good health and happiness on this, your day.
  5. Happy Birthday Di! Make it a birthday weekend and enjoy to the fullest. By the way, what a lovely picture Rob posted of you. He is a lucky guy. All the best.🥂🎉🎁
  6. Great news on the N1 and N3 going back up in June. Haven’t tried the N3 yet, but the N1 is a cigar I would happily smoke everyday. I’ll be stocking up on both this time around. Looking forward to the new blends, as well. The Nudies line is a winner on all accounts. Thanks @Elpresidente for everything you and the team are doing. 😀
  7. Just an outstanding cigar. As an added bonus, they are smoking great young. Yesterday evening I had this GEM AGO 21 from our host. All the Connie 1 flavors were there… thick rich creamy smoke in the first third, citrus fruit and cream with a bit of pepper in the second, and cocoa with sweet tobacco through the finish. Not a single rough on a cigar that is only 9 months old. A very enjoyable 90 minutes.
  8. Occasionally I will get some tar build-up on the head of the cigar. The acrid taste you are describing sounds like tar to me. The quick fix is to take a straight cutter, and cut a bit more off. Never fails to correct the problem. As for the pesticide taste, have no idea where that would be coming from. Not do I know what it would taste like other than ‘chemical-like’. To my knowledge, Cuba doesn’t use pesticides (other than nicotine) on their crop. New World cigars, that’s another matter.
  9. Trinidad Coloniales and Fundadores. VR Famosos - I’ve smoked thru my aged stock of these and need to get several more boxes to go to the back of the humidor for a couple of years. If they would only start making the Don Alejandro again. 🤔
  10. Neapolitan Pizza Margherita. Nothing tops this for me.
  11. I agree with you. This is more about nutrients in the soil - especially magnesium and to a lesser degree calcium - than anything else. I believe this has been discussed many before on this Forum. Certainly a subject broadly discussed online.
  12. There are probably many factors that affect ash color to a degree, but I believe mineral content of the soil is the most significant. Specifically, nutrient dense soil that is high in magnesium and calcium tends to give a whiter ash. Most, but not all, of my Cuban cigars have a grey ash. I have not found ash color to be a strong indicator of flavor.
  13. Love the D4. Always in my weekly line-up. Since 2019, these have been on a tremendous run. No need to lay them down, although time just improves the richness of the flavour profile. It’s also one of the most consistent performers from Habanos. Rarely have a construction or burn issue.
  14. I would select two boxes for the purpose you suggest. One could be your favorite mild and flavorful cigars that serves as a suitable introductory smoke. If it fits your taste, Epi 2 has been a gateway stick for many - was for me many years ago. The other box could be one of your ‘top of the tree’ cigars that age well. Nothing to lose and everything to gain with this approach. Meaning, if cigar smoking isn’t to the liking of your son/daughter, you have a couple of well-aged boxes of your favorite cigars on both end of the range to enjoy.
  15. Just unbelievable news. I only knew Mike from his postings and comments. But in everyone of his comments, he exemplified the best of our community. A generous heart and a true love for life. He will be missed.
  16. Sorry to hear that. Always a disappointment to anticipate a good smoke and then be let down. I’m not a big fan of the Monte blends, and I find them to be very hit or miss. The exception these past two years is the No. 2. Many on The Forum are showing a lot of love to this classic torpedo which seems to be hitting all the right notes of late.
  17. From the photo, those appear to be oily wrappers. Maybe just the picture, but… My bet would be the stains are just oil from the wrapper leaf. So I’m with @Habana Mike There are only 4 in the box; guessing you already smoked one. If so, how was it?
  18. PSD4 from ‘20 and ‘21 are just outstanding. I smoked a AGO21 TAO Tuesday evening (3 months of humidor post receiving it from FOH), and it was a reminder of why I fell in love with the D4 years ago. Spot on in every category… burn, construction, draw, flavor and strength. I’ll also pitch in with @Ford2112 on young RASS. They are ‘on fire’ in ‘21 (no pun intended). The flavor on these is straight on Christmas cake loaded with dark fruit. Both of these sticks are in my daily rota. When they are on 24:24 with PSP or HQ designation, I go deep.
  19. I agree with @MrBirdman. I’m not a fan of their blends, but their hallmark has always been impeccable QC. Sorry to hear about your bad experience during what sounded like a perfect evening for a relaxing cigar. I can deal with draw issues, but ‘fireproof’ wrappers drive me crazy.
  20. This is great advice. Don’t miss Altstadt with the local restaurants and Alt Bier. Almost every pub has their own version of Alt… perhaps one of my favorite beers on the continent, and almost impossible to find outside of Düsseldorf. I rarely buy CC in Europe, generally travel with my own sticks. So I can’t help you much with that.
  21. Love the look and tailoring of this modern Guayabera. I’ve been waiting for these to show up in merch. Other than MasterYotti’s 1969 Cohiba T-shirt I picked up on this Forum, I’m not much of a T-shirt or ball cap guy guy. So this was the FOH apparel I most wanted. Cory’s photo and measurements and Rob’s sizing table really helped me decide on the size for me. I’m 1.82m and 83kg. Medium for me and small for my wife. When Sofia saw these this morning while I was perusing the Water Hole with my morning coffee and HUHC, it was an immediate, “I want one too”. Much thanks to Rob, Steve and Joe!

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