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  1. Hogwash, balderdash, and poppycock. PSdP are terrific. You and Kaptain Karl need to stop trolling and leave PSdP (and Brittany) alone. 😀 QDO 50 are booooooorrrrring. On the LE front, the 2016 Monte Dantes have been a dud for me. Love the size. Construction all good. Dem sticks sho is purty too. But dang if I haven't found the vast majority to be a giant disappointment in the flavor department.
  2. What a coincidence. Wheezy and I were just talking about our similar experiences with having to give away Sig VIs on vacation at the current price. Pffft.
  3. Throw another band on, and it'd be a $50 smoke. Jl1s are da bomb.
  4. Jeanff took first place. And remains reigning champ.
  5. No problems here with the 20-21 Monte 1s. All have smoked perfectly. The Monte 3s though? All over the map. Most "meh," some good, all hard to keep lit. So far, I much prefer the 1s over the 3s that I've had -- flavor and construction.
  6. Impressive. If I had FU money, it'd be my on "want" list.
  7. Not in my opinion, especially JL1. I'm puffing one right now, and I find it bready, creamy, rich and smoooove. Frankly, I don't find any CCs that strong though. But I think JL would acceptable for a beginner. Not too complex, which is wasted on a beginner, and still gets to the essence. Party shorts might be a good one for the list too. Not intimidating, gets to the sweet spot fast, and really captures the Partagas profile without requiring much patience. The D4's are a hell of a good Party rep, and you've got that, but petite coronas are an easy grab for a virgin palate.
  8. JL1 (MGL JUL 21). Yeah, I'm a fanboy anyway. But I'll be damned if these guys don't always punch above their weight.
  9. Good news? Those Punch Punch coming your way are incredible. Otherwise, stay the course! Don't let the optimists get you down.
  10. Happy Bday, John, We share the day! Mine too. Have a good one!
  11. Damn it Bijan! Are you with us or against us? This blog ain't gonna piss and moan itself. I know you and Frank are from a communist country, but you're among friends. No need for ovine passivity here. As our greatest living president Ben Franklin said: "lead, follow or get out of the hell out of the way." Take it to the streets my brother!
  12. I'm talking about the strategy of deliberately pricing two brands out of the broader market, not that the price went up. We're talking 200-300% increases (or more) to move those two into the ultra premium tier with no change in the product. And I hope that strategy fails.
  13. I'm rooting for the move on Cohiba and Trini to produce a net loss for HSA. Forced scarcity while there's a global economic pinch on regular consumers? Head scratching. It may be wishful thinking, but what if we see that Cohiba and Trini knockoffs with a different band breach the span? Suckers can buy the bands and get what they want and the rest of us get what we want with a substitute. I'm gonna do my part by pissing and moaning until cigar equity is realized. This aggression cannot stand, man.

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