Your cigar Fantasy Rotation going into April 2022

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This was put to me by a member and I thought it was a a cracking idea.:party:


Going into April. 

  • List your 6 cigar rotation  that you believe will perform the most consistently and deliver you  the best utility.  6 cigars only. 
  • When you do the following Month (Coming into May), you can drop up to Two of your previous months selections with up to two cigars that are performing better. 

Give it some thought. 

What are your starting 6 for April 2022 :cigar:



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Connie 1


El Principe

Double Edmundo

Siglo I

Monte 5

My top 6 workhorses haven't changed in several years let alone a month. 

Just missing the list: PL Galanes, Media Luna, RG Perlas, La Fuerza, RASCC, SLR Regios. All very good--i just wouldn't put them in the workhorse category. 

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Looking at the boxes that have migrated to the front of the humidor lately:

AF Don Carlos #3

Tatuaje Black corona gorda


Nestor Miranda Special Selection short robusto


Partagas Maduro 1:   Had my first Party maduro today and I was blown away.  I’ve had this box for a while and mostly forgot about it.  (EPM SEP19). I wasn’t really all that excited about them for reasons I’m not sure of.  Probably because they don’t seem all that popular here.  I imagine these are going to scratch the Partagas itch for a while.  

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Punch Punch




2022 Carrillo short run maduro

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