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  1. This is how Pop Smoke met his end. They rented a place up in Beverly Hills and were videoing their arrival with loads of cash, like bricks of benjamins. Unfortunately their luggage had been tagged with the address of their rental for delivery, clearly seen in pictures and video. The group of thugs saw the address the day it was posted, and Pop was smoked that night inside the house. I am not making light of it, may he RIP. I don't prescribe to social media, not for the bricks of benjamins, I just don't. I also wear a drugstore timex these days.
  2. I was only purchasing Siglo Is before anyway. My Cohiba purchasing days are over. Even if I won the lottery that I don't actually play, my money would be put toward a ranch in Wyoming or Montana. I prefer catching trout and throwing them back to be caught again, over spending $100 plus for a rolled pile of dirty, dead leaves, regardless of which virgins thighs they were rolled from.
  3. I really enjoy this cigar although I doubt I have smoked one properly humidified. Most of the time this is what I pull when I visit a lounge. One of these days I will buy two and store the second correctly for about 6 months and see where it takes me. I have never had a Dom Perignon but I have had the B Blue and if the Dom was similar then hats off to both blenders. Both the B and the B blue are must haves from the nc world IMHO.
  4. I'm in commercial construction, the only thing that will contract prices abruptly will be when the material shortages actually go away. Even projects priced just after Covid panic took hold in March of 2020 didn't experience any adjustment over the prior year. Prices didn't go up over the summer of 2020 but they never fell below what they were in 2019 either. The construction world is out of its mind so even if materials prices do arrest themselves there isn't enough laber force around to take advantage of the lower material costs, sub contractors were still be universally scarce.
  5. Dalia, Flying Pig, Petit 109. I don't normally smoke Flying Pigs but if its a tasty blend I say, why not.
  6. When I smoke these types of earth grown weeds I can see the northern lights from the Tropic of Cancer if its really good, sticky lettuce
  7. about one hour give or take 15 minutes JL #2, CORO, Famosos, PSD 4,ERDM CX, EPI 2, RASS, BRC in the order from most to least favorite I do like them, all though that by itself isn't saying much because I generally like them on when the box is up to par I don't have enough experience to have noticed a blend change--either that or I just don't keep track worth a s#&$. I always have them on hand.
  8. Yerandy Canonazos paired with club soda and a splashes of cranberry juice. I am a retired professional drinker The club soda and cranberry seems to do the trick for me with just about any cigar these days.
  9. This is absolutely hilarious or hilarious absolutely--I am so confused now. I love the word pedantic. It is the word I use to describe all those who are alarmed by the english words I make up, and use due to a lack of care/caring/giving a shit
  10. Also a fantastic lawn ornament, as long as I put it up and take it down before my wife sees it.
  11. While you can sue for just about any reason and at anytime, in Iowa you can dump an employee fairly easily. Of course folks use softer words like "furlough" or "downsize" or "let go" or "reorganize" but if you want to do it, it isn't all that strenuous. If we are keeping track I am sure I probably commit a fireable offense every single!!
  12. With all the venomous snakes and spiders crawling into bed with you guys down there you need a good ole fashioned flame thrower of some kind. For one, with all sincerity my heart goes out those terribly effected by the flooding. In 2008 our downtown flooded and the water was up the second floors in the houses within the 100 and 500 hundred year flood plain. It took a long time for the city to recover from that event. A year ago we were hit with a derecho that brought sustained winds that blew at 145 mph for 65 minutes and we lost something like 60 percent of our overhead canopy. All that and I live in Iowa, about as geographically far as you can be from an ocean in the US of A. Anyway, back to the snakes and spiders, y'all seriously need some flame throwers you can carry around and I am not talking about your cigar lighters You ought to be able to get some sort of hazard laws past for you to be able to protect yourselves from the creepy crawlies that I only see in my dreams.
  13. Cheers for Skoal brothers My everyday carry looks a lot different than the ones pictured
  14. If memory serves me correctly I bought my first 10 ct boxes from here and all were 2016 boxes. I smoked them young and they disappeard quickly and if all I had to smoke for the rest of my life were from those boxes I would eventually die a happy man. I have not idea what current stock is smoking like, I know that all brands and varietals have been wonderful, but I don't have any boxes other than one of the 2016s left. They were every thing I imagined them to be back then, and one of these days I will get around to sampling from the 10 ct box I have left. A truly amazing cigar, I love the comparing of them to a Porsche. I couldn't agree more
  15. Washed up criminals have a history of being champions for cigar culture and cigar smokers. It turns out there is a little bit of good in all of us Thanks for sharing the good news!
  16. Im sure Bill Gates is already down there peddling his subsitute. The only problem is it tastes like donkey dust, and is full of worm and virus just lilke his operating systems.
  17. Now that I know this I will be launching my new side not dunhills. After all, it's against my religion to take advantage of Botl
  18. But how do they age the band to match the age of the cigar? Do they wash and launder them like the cartel does dollar bills?
  19. I always refer to them as investments when they are delivered. She has started to ask why I keep smoking all the investments. She is a smart one, but I have a nice smile so it works.
  20. I agree my man. It sounds like your soul may be well used, showing signs of normal wear and tear, but it's dependable and has seen some good times, Di shouldn't under value it
  21. I will stick with a recurring theme and say the ERDM Choix Supreme. Not sure I have seen them on 24:24 in 2022. I have an email, insta, snap, telegram, DM, FB Messenger, dancing tik tok, and smoke signal ready to send to DI when I do. Not in any particular order, but I won't throw a tanty if I don't get them. Close second is the SP Beli.
  22. Now we know why they all threw their cigs up in the air instead of setting them down nicely Cheaters...

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