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  1. Lancero or Especial are head and shoulders above Fundies for me…
  2. Same…it is very, very rare that a tasting menu impresses…when it does it is absolute magic but rare air…
  3. I agree with RDB as they do have a strong toasted tobacco tendency as their backbone with that sweet almond and nuttiness for the 1 and the rich custard on the 2 but then the B is to me what Trinidad promises in their tasting notes but I always end up getting mongrel and tea but the B is all cookie dough Connie B is my favorite in that lineup…Mag 54 is nice as well but nothing puts lead in my pencil like the B and the Winston
  4. Yea, it’s definitely that taste of bitter/acrid/astringent. Definitely not pleasant and gets worse with saliva which brings me to the possible tar component….it’s definitely intense and off putting but I smoke on! I have experienced it with wetter, dryer, NC and Cuba….crap
  5. I would add the Cohiba Coronas Especiales. That has been super rich…
  6. Storage is PigFish via a Raching unit 70 degrees by 60% humidity… I have noticed this when I am outside and it’s cold, warm, inside with no wind…pretty much all the time…cigar cut doesn’t make a difference either…have had it with guillotine and V cutter… I am a fairly fast smoker but slow it down when the youth or ammonia in the cigar start to show…might be that on my lips as mentioned earlier as well…that would make sense…or the young fermentation by products that leach out as it gets warm…it’s definitely not inside the cigar….I use a torch lighter…toast and slowly let combustion happen…
  7. Has happened on all smokes procured from our host and in ideal closed humidor environments… This could very well be tar build up…when I taste the outside of the cap it will be slightly astringent but after smoking some sticks halfway thru I happen to lick my lips and then it hits with a heavy acrid/green taste that reminds me of very green or unripe tobacco…this might be tar that I’m tasting… I am guessing this dissipates/oxidizes over time?
  8. Woof on both attempts at humor 🙂 All Cubans and anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years
  9. Hey guys! Did a quick search and couldn’t find much. How often do you get that green/acrid taste on the outside of the stick…often noticeable after smoking a cigar for a bit and then licking your lips? Do you know what it is? Is there a fix? (Time, etc) Thanks in advance!
  10. Pretty much my experience with 90% of the cigars under 30 days rest….same with the darker wrappers…more nicotine/strength = sharper edges
  11. Sushi for me…especially the way I attack the fishies…like Godzilla on his period…

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