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  1. @jakebarnes I’ve been wanting to try that vegas robaina don alejandro. Need to let us know how it is. I’m sure it’s amazing. Nice score on those Trinidad’s too.
  2. Congrats @Rhinoww !! Glad you got some good news after the bad news you have going on in that condo.
  3. Nice quick afternoon smoke Cohiba Sig 1 MUL FEB 14 down to my last 4 of the box
  4. This makes me want to dig into my last box I have. Box code RAG MAY 18. Gonna be that much harder to stay away from them now.
  5. I love the Cohiba Lancero but when the Fundies are on man they are better than the lancero.
  6. Both were hard to choose from. I went with the Cohiba because I’ve had more fine Cohiba Robustos than Lusi. Maybe it’s because most the time I only have time for a robusto and not a DC. Love them both though.
  7. @RichG Good to hear I’m looking forward to it. Haven’t heard much on how they are smoking so I was a little curious. This info just make me want to light one up now.
  8. @jakebarnes Sorry man I’ll let you know how they taste let you know how good they are 😜. Just playing, but I hope you get a box soon I won’t bid on the next one.
  9. Won this one on BR they look and smell amazing.
  10. I love to play and play everyday with friends online. I’m no expert but I’m no rookie either. Somewhere in between. I don’t follow chess players or anything like that though I just play for fun.
  11. Nice morning smoke with a Siglo I MUL FEB 14

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