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  1. When they are on, there isn’t much better. I have found them a bit inconsistent. All are good. But some are out of this world. Probably my favorite stick if price wasn’t a factor.
  2. Being a father of a 2 and 5 year old the HUHC (and smaller cigars in general) definitely has its place in my cabinet. I also have had issues with plugged cigars with these but when they are on I really enjoy them.
  3. This describes how I smoke perfectly. I find puffs without at least 25% retrohail a waste. It’s where I get most of my enjoyment from.
  4. I’ll bet man. Way easier to smoke from too. I would find myself only smoking off the top of my weathertights.
  5. I ordered two of them. One for me and one for a buddy. Almost the same one you have on order. The first one took 19 months to get. The second one is on month 20.
  6. This is another cigar I’m fairly deep on. I have boxes/cabs from 2008-present. I enjoy them with 10+ years on them and fresh. It’s one of those cigars that will never be the best cigar you ever had, but it’s reliable and almost always delivers. Whenever I pack cigars for a trip you can count on a few BPCs.
  7. I’m also doing quite well. I’d like a couple fresh boxes of BRC and P2s because of all the hype of how good the recent examples are. There’s a few discontinued boxes I’m keeping my eyes out for a resellers market. Other than that I don’t ‘need’ anything. All the buying I’m doing is just to deepen the my stock of go-to’s.
  8. I checked. And I lied. 12 cabs plus a few dress boxes. 4 of the cabs are opened and 1 dress box is opened. Still, I’d say I’m sufficiently stocked up 😂
  9. If I had to pick one cigar to smoke the rest of my life this might be it. It’s at least in the running. I probably own close to 1000 of them ranging from 2006-2021. They are 45 mins-an hour for me.
  10. Here’s what I carry daily. I had it forged recently. The guard and cap is from a reclaimed 1800’s prison bar.
  11. Just picked up a new ride this week. It’s an Evil Offering V2. Although I picked this one up complete, building bikes is a favorite past time of mine.

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