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  1. Most flavorful…I.e. crosses the biggest spectrum of flavors for my palate? Upmann Sir Winston . Bang for my buck - and basing this off one I will continue to buy in the current market that I see worthy of keeping on hand even considering price hikes - PSD4.
  2. Feel ya sir. Housing prices need to drop significantly for anyone to be able to afford these Uber-inflated housing prices, especially with what the interest rate bumps are gonna do to mortgage payments on new purchases. Refis will be non-existent too I’m sure. Everyone who had any sense did that long ago. That Refinance wave had to be a helluva ride though?! Wish ya all the best for sure! Cuban cigars will be here certainly for ya, for whenever the next boom comes.
  3. That’s pretty much the going rate for PSD4s. If Cuba is going up too, that price equates to market. Granted, you’d think the ‘source’ would be at least a little less.
  4. Have an HQ box with this same code. And still smoking from an 09 and 10 box. Some age on these bad boys, and they can just be flat out superb. Like smoking a hazelnut latte. But not made with that shitty Starbucks coffee 😝.
  5. You hit the crux of the issue for me & the point of my post. Someone free & willfully bid on these cigars. Of their own volition. To have someone, seemingly condescendingly so, post that the number of cigars is not to theIr perceived value of the dollars spent, strikes a nerve with me. Somethings are just better left unposted. Especially in the current climate. Just shake your head and move on. Easier said than done for some. Congrats to the winner of a damn fine box of cigars.
  6. Sigh. Why ask this? My wife does this & it drives me bonkers - asks questions she already clearly knows the answer to as a point of emphasis somehow. Literally the ONLY reason I’m calling you out on it. Learn to whine better. It’s the world in which we currently reside.
  7. These little GEMs showed up today…and I found a way to make em’ fit even!
  8. Don’t ever get tired of pretty boxes of cigars showing up from our fine hosts. Just couldn’t let these lonely SD4s go unloved on a 24:24…
  9. I perhaps had an unfair advantage in that I have a few left from an MUR May 2012 box. Nice review of a helluva cigar!
  10. Appreciate it, thank you! Vaguely recall these being MAR but wasn’t positive. Remembering things is getting harder these days 🤪

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