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    Steelhead fishing,or whatever will bite!,all things music,cigars,baseball(Go Giants!),women and art.

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  1. I recently received some.10 year old RG Perlas that were in cardboard. They are fine. But personally I don't have that much experience as I tend to store either loose in trays or in boxes.
  2. Bear in mind that Rolling Stone Magazine had Kurt Cobain listed above Alex Lifeson in their list of top 100 guitar players. They are the Cigar Afficianado of music publications. That said I will give this album a clear listen because I know it's highly rated.
  3. I know Lusis get all the love but for anyone who has never had a good 8-9-8 you are missing out! I prefer that format myself.
  4. Same here Rob. I only had 1 cigar out of this 10 ct box that wasn't up to par and was a bit plugged. The rest have been superb!

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