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  1. Inevitably. At least we should be looking at cigars that haven't appeared as ones to avoid.
  2. A cigar that would be tough for me to live without. My favorite Minutos for over a decade. Could smoke them every day if I had to. Quality and consistency are generally good.
  3. Yes, ELs are now back to being cheaper than most Cohiba.
  4. Isn't that what we're all looking for? If one cigar was the most flavorful I'd only smoke that one.
  5. Hey, when you don't pay your bills your options get pretty limited! Next move: Tabacuba discovers a lost stock of Dunhill. Bands are pristine. CCs are now so expensive HSA is faking its own products!
  6. That is really frightening. On an entire mastercase. Wow... Only thing I can think of is they changed seal manufacturing or had a backup maker for these and they just blew it. Cuba not paying the bills wouldn't be new. It did also look to me like the texture or material of the seal was off as well, and you confirmed it felt odd to the touch so that apparently is another issue. These seals are different from top to bottom. So now as we enter an era with a tremendous incentive to make top-quality fakes we have no idea what we're looking at. HSA, triple the price and let fugazi-looking boxes out the door en masse. Unbelievable.
  7. All average or above fakes have a triple cap. They figured that out around 2002. A line alone wouldn't be definitive. I suppose that could happen in 1 in a million. But the font is off and looks digitized and some digits not perfectly aligned. That is an instant fail. Font and print quality on the barcode numbers is about as consistent as it gets. Let alone the 9s which I actually forgot to look at which are also an instant fail. I wouldn't say horrendous. There are some very good details on these. The major things they got right. Impressively the peel-aways are in the correct places and the holograms are good. I would give this one a C+. Would fool any casual CC buyer. And the cigars look great. If there's a really a Cohiba wrapper shortage HSA should call them.
  8. That seal from CCW is the previous version from 13 years ago and was printed on different material and larger. Like I said, I have boxes that look identical to the OP. It's within the margin of error.
  9. I have boxes with the shield off as much as this one. Appears to be within the printing range. The bar code numbers are never anything but clear and distinct in font.
  10. Font of code number is off as well as a line through. Looks digitized.
  11. Came across a 10 box from 2010 (or 2012--I forgot) at El Faro a few weeks ago. We all had a good laugh about it. I have no doubt it will be there when I go back. I'll grab it for you.
  12. You'd think he could have just waited to get out of the country for a match and defect. I could see it going either way. They might go easy on him because he's popular or they might throw the book at him as a high-profile example.
  13. This seems to be a common format coming out of that factory. Never seen the Punch version before though. Very nice.

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