From your 20/21 the code of your top 3 standouts.

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OER MAY 20 H. Upmann Mag 46

TUE ABR 20 Punch Punch Punch

AMP AGO 20 Montecristo Especial

Edit: Also TLU ABR 20 Media Lunas but those were PSP so not sure if consistently good or FOH just picked out a gem.

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Although I'm sure MAR El Laguito is probably good as always, I haven't had any so I can't put it on my list.

My top 3 are going to be:


BSM (Donatien)

RAT (La Corona)

Haven't been getting a lot of cigars that aren't factory staples. Connie 1, Famosos, La Fuerza, El Principe, Trini Reyes, Coloniales--we all know where they come from. 


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BSM JUN 20 Vega Robaina Famosos

TUA ENE 21 Bolivar Bellicosos Finos

RAT FEB 20 Punch Punch A/T

I know we're only supposed to list three, but all the GOB 2020 stock I've had is superb.

(I made this post before checking others' picks)

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