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  1. Cohiba Esplendido MAR FEB 21 Courtesy of the far too generous @Heels82. Water only for this first and likely last Esplendido. US Open on the patio. Savoring before a rich dinner. This time next year I’ll be watching on a big screen in a screened porch.
  2. The size looks off, but the bands could be RyJ Gran Reserva Wide Churchill 2009 without the Wide Churchill band.
  3. Had something similar with HUSWs at the Nacional but with running out of cash because they werent there the day before.
  4. Never had them but Punch Petit Coronations are similar in size
  5. It is too damn similar to the bourbon fad. I got to enjoy a quality product at normal prices and amass a modest collection, but now the price, scarcity, and consumer competition make me want to step away. I did that with bourbon and started to dive back to Cubans instead. Now they are both in the crap. Anger/Depression I’m just going to quit buying as much. I’m done with NCs other than the rarest one offs. I’ll just smoke what I have, try to grab what might still be a value and feel sad about what could have been. I’d like to have a network like @Corylax18. I agree that customs have been some of the best I’ve had from the past 5 years.
  6. Wish I could have a never ending supply. I get a lot of RC Cola from these. Class.
  7. Sancho Panza Molinos ABR OCT 11 Enjoyed with a Diet Coke and then a Blanc de Blancs after a full day of yard work in perfect 75* light breeze weather. I picked this one because dalias/lonsdales are my favorite format. I like the size, duration of the smoke, and tactile feel of lonsdales. This format is sadly limited, and you have to have a speed connection and rapid fire response it seems to get the “available” ones now. Cigar was classic Sancho Panza. Salt, cream, wood, and wood spice. The wrapper was gorgeous, silky smooth, with a high sheen. The last third had a wonderful hazelnut flavor that has not been common in other Sancho Panza that I have had. 95/100
  8. 898s are always my answer. Sir Winnies too. If prices are about to bust, I should probably be thinking about cabs of Lusis, RASS, PLPC, Shorts, and some more boxes of PLMC and Punch Punch and just add another 3 years to my stock.
  9. 4/29/71 Grateful Dead Alligator>Drums>Jam>GDTRFB>CRS
  10. 1. Partagas Short 2. RG Perla 3. SCdlH El Principe
  11. Might have smoked 15 of these over 4 days down there in 2018. They were SO good fresh. Some of the very best cigars I’ve ever had. Tight, stacked dime ash with a slow burn and just impeccable construction. I kept going back to grab another handful and luckily still have 15 or so left. Also, up the Reds! \
  12. Dip No. 2 in a Double Corona Sir Winston in a Double Corona PLPC in a Dalia
  13. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em Cohiba Coronas Especiales SOP JUN 20 courtesy of our host Reading all the posts this past week one thing has been clear through the remembrances of Mike…we’re all missing out if we aren’t taking advantage of the community available through FOH, whether that is virtual through the Zoom herfs or the get togethers in Cuba (if those ever happen again)
  14. We’ve been in the market for high quality kitchen knives for purpose and not a stock set from a typical American home goods store. This thread has helped me make up my mind to get a Wusthof classic chef’s knife and a Japanese vegetable knife like a Santoku or Nakiri. I still need to narrow down on the Japanese knife. ETA: Very excited I pulled the trigger on a nice Santoku. Shun Premier.
  15. I am enjoying: 1. Punch Punch 2. Diplomaticos No. 2 3. RASS I am struggling with: 1. Montecristo No. 4 2. H. Upmann Connie No. 1 3. Cohiba Coronas Especiales
  16. The Alex corona on the back 9 in Scottsdale, early February, with colleagues at a work retreat

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