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  1. I imagine there will be lots of special sticks being broken out this week. I’m taking a small handful on a trip… HU Mag 50 SP Belicosos HU Connie 1 RA Superiores
  2. Just cracked open a rested box of HQ Monte 4’s… holy moly they’re good
  3. I’ve noticed this as well- 99% of my cigars that I smoke young have dark ash, and the older boxes are far whiter.
  4. Good call! The knurled ring won’t turn but the little stem swivels around. Thank you!
  5. Anyone here have any experience with Kiribi? The flame on mine somehow suddenly reversed and points towards the inside of the lighter, which isn’t too helpful. I’d love any tips if this has happened to anyone else!
  6. HU regalia. Looking forward to more boxes popping up on 24:24

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