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  1. I appreciate the truth and passion coming form Prez during this video....I have a feeling that was the toned down rant. I really want to know what you think @El Presidente after some rum colas!
  2. Very strange the SCDH Saudades Portuguese RE just came out at the beginning of the year, granted i'm sure it was delayed due to the pandemic but still to have another Portugal RE released already seems odd. If anyone has more information please share....I might need to procure these!
  3. Petite Corona and Robusto they are my ideal sizes. Makes up 80%+ of my collection.
  4. E74A950993510FD484566F1B83BAC08D_video_dashinit.mp4
  5. They even used the Spanish blue seal to make it look more legit. Beware.... 4A412BD53F50CC8378F09C0EDAFDD1AD_video_dashinit.mp4 B7406EE65103DA732C55D451EAB81FAB_video_dashinit.mp4 F7494381E8D8A8FE266D240B867A0495_video_dashinit.mp4
  6. I was smoking a truly on point PLPC from a LGR NOV 17 box and I believe LGR became RAG and that box code has been going since at least 2019 and maybe 2018. Is it the longest running box code? (RAG?) If not what is? Just curious!
  7. Gray markets are pretty thin too and subsequently pricing is sky high. From a risk / reward scenario its better to go NC like many LCDH have done. As many have said before cuba is giving the NC cigar industry the ultimate opportunity to take market share.
  8. I wonder what smokes he picked up. He's a big fan of Lusi's
  9. Glad to see you gents back! Ken looks like some young hipster youth in his purple beanie! I have a box of these nestled in the humidor which I will convince myself to crack soon. I appreciate the end of the video providing alternatives to this smoke, this is helpful with the adaption of our new reality.
  10. H Upmann Connie A - UBM OCT 18 ....super plugged even after using my tool and absolutely tasteless. Very disappointed since I know how good these can be. Been lucky only truly crappy cigar i've had this year.
  11. Thanks to @MoeFOH for suggesting petit coronas for this week's review. I've been hesitant to smoke any cohibas lately for obvious reasons and haven't had one this year. I was debating between the Siglo II and a ERDM Choix Supreme (best cigar I've had this year from box code LOS DIC 20) and i pulled the trigger on the Siglo II. I am a big fan of the Petite Corona vitola along with the Robusto/Hermoso No. 4 as my favour vitolas and make the bulk of my collection. Pre-light the cigar was giving off a very pleasant cinnamon smell. The photo doesn't do it justice but it does have a great sheen on it. It came from a EGT JUL 20 PSP box. The cigar was the lovely balance between the cuban "twang", cinnamon and hay. It did burn a bit quick but the draw was excellent.Ash was a bit flaky and burn was uneven at the start but it sorted itself out. Cuba being Cuba....a very respectable 92. For me the Top 3 Petite Coronas 1. PLPC - Great flavour and great value 2. Siglo II - Balanced and refined 3. Monte No. 4 - Cocoa all day in a great size I was looking at Cuban cigar website looking at the list of petit coronas and noticed there are 2 Mille Fleurs a RYJ and a Partagas...I think I've only seen the RYJ before. Learned something new. In this vitola I still want to try the H. Upmann Regalias.....I do like the Upmann flavour profile.
  12. I decided for my 1000th post to ask when can we see Prez and Ken's mugs back on youtube for a review??? Post below cigars you would like to see them review! I'd like to see a review where Ken chooses the cigar for Prez and vice-versa and they wont know what it is until they remove it out of the package. Prez could have picked for Ken a SLR DC...or a Dip Bushido or a Quintero Brevas!
  13. This is going to make confirming provenance from marketplaces i.e. non-vetted vendors like FOH even trickier
  14. We have had record low interest rates across the world and countries printing money non stop. It lasted much longer than I ever suspected but it had to stop at some point. There's several factors at play impacting supply chains related to food and other household goods.... - Ukraine/Russia war....1/3 of all grains in the world is exported from these two countries among other goods like rubber, canola oil etc. Even after the war ends it will take time for the businesses to recover. My best guess 1 more year of war 2-3 after before production is back to normal. - Rising temperatures across the world....I don't care if you don't believe in climate change or not the fact is that the world is getting hotter...record setting heat in India...Japan etc. This impacts food production and already has across the world. I just read recently Parmesan cheese in italy production will be cut significantly since the River Po has basically evaporated due to record heat and drought and this river is used to grow the crops to feed the cows that give us the Parmesan cheese. There are countless other examples. - Pandemic forced labour markets to change....unemployed people because of the pandemic learned new skills and moved to new jobs and they won't come back. This has decimated the hospitality industry and I suspect will for quite some time. Those were low wage jobs and with inflation we haven't seen in decades it is not attracting new people to replace them....i suspect countries will begin loosening up immigration to fill this void. This will take 1-3 years until it's fixed and depends on government policy. - Record inflation with rising interest rates and high personal debt is a recipe for a bad time. In the "Developed nations" the rising consumer debt levels as a ratio of GDP are at all time high in several countries including Canada, US and Japan to name a few. People are going to lose their pants because they are over leveraged and I think it will fundamentally change this generations perspective on saving and consumer spending. I'll stop my rant but I expect everything will sort itself out in the next 3-5 years based on information at hand. If China decides to invade Taiwan...a new pandemic....or aliens arrive well then this changes my projection. What i do know is that the human race always adapts and innovates, it is one of the few good qualities we have.
  15. In 2019 I ran a similar competition here on FOH and the end was result was Sir Winnie as the winner....looks like things haven't changed!
  16. No need to send to PCC Prez....let me do some QC of that master case for you! 😜
  17. I did a similar FOH tournament like this in 2019 and the Sir Winnie won so i'm not surprised by the results
  18. A certain Doctor on this forum who is a lover of siglo VI and Esmeralda's is probably in the mix. 😅 Good luck to all. I'm gonna feel guilty when I crack into my box eventually lol oh well.
  19. I'm not sure if i'm ready to see Ken in his underwear in VR....LOLL
  20. From what I heard if there's any on the shelves they are snapped up very quickly. Tough to find.

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