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11 hours ago, MPhillips said:

Juan Lopez Eminentes Humidor 2016 Swiss Regional

Lovely acquisition, always keen to know whether it would hurt too much to smoke the first one? Do most of them just end up being a collector's item?

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8 hours ago, Bijan said:

Siglo IV via blind contest winnings (I paid the small difference).

Thanks FOH! @El Presidente and @WarriorPrincess!

Edit: also everyone else at FOH, including @MoeFOH, @First Lady and logistics.

Dat tasty Siglo IV box @Bijan! Congrats and enjoy mate 😄

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20 minutes ago, jakebarnes said:

Gorgeous arrivals today from our host against all odds. Nap time for both to recover from their journey. 

I honestly can't stop staring those. Both boxes smell and look STUNNING.

Winner winner!

On 3/31/2022 at 9:27 AM, Ford2112 said:

From our hosts!

Those ll’s are my weakness. LOVE them. Almost as much as the lll’s. 👍🏻

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7 hours ago, helix said:

Found these Petit Cetros smoking way above any JLP I have tried . @NSXCIGAR your old faves

Nice score! Yes, the Petit Cetros were the gem of JLP. Of course they had to cut that one.

None I've smoked before or since were anywhere near as good. I figured I'd try the Petit Caballeros when they came out but they were garbage and they've massively raised the price on them. 

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On 4/2/2022 at 6:09 AM, Fugu said:

Yup, I guess it was you, NSX once turning me towards the Petit Cetros. All gone meanwhile, down to one or two fivers or so, I think. Have switched more and more to the Brevas since. Just the other week had a fabulous example I was almost going to post in the ‘best of March’ thread. 😅

A freshy at UGR JUN 21 (from the new 12er bundles)

Yes, we had many conversations about the Cetros back in the day. I was gobbling them up between 14-16 like a madman. At the stupidest low price also. Routinely at $1.25/stick. I must have burned through 1,000 sticks. 

OF COURSE they had to cut the one good one. That and the PLP also really killed me. And OF COURSE they keep the lousy RGPE. My two Cheap & Cheerfuls bite the dust. 

The wrapper on that Brevas looks great. You can get some real rough ones on JLP. Maybe I'll grab a 12er in Cuba this week. 

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On 4/4/2022 at 1:47 AM, NSXCIGAR said:

Maybe I'll grab a 12er in Cuba this week. 

Current production seems definitely worth giving another try.

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