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  1. RIP Nino. Condolences to his wife and family.
  2. A few boxes from FOH. Partags shorts EBP Mar 22 H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 2 BST Feb 22 Montecristo No. 4 UEB Apr 19 Romeo Y Julieta Mille Fleurs UER Jan 22
  3. It was pretty good. That stick was a little plugged and kept going out. Had it for a few months in my humidor so maybe just a bad roll.
  4. One from FOH one from Bond Roberts El Rey Del Mundo La Reina UAO Mar 19 Por Larranaga Petit Coronas RAT Oct 21
  5. Good movie. Something I’ll watch anytime I see it on tv.
  6. A few from FOH Bolivar Petit Corona TUA Dec 21 Bolivar Coronas Junior TUA Dec 21 Partagas Serie D No. 4 BSM Oct 21

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