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Not exactly bought recently .... but just found today in my lockers : Trinidad Fundadores EL NOSU ( El Laguito OCT 1998 ) bought in 2006 in Switzerland. Placed inside my lowest locker and to

I haven't posted in here for quite some time and thought that it would be nice to share some vintage cigars that just came in. I like to collect and smoke as many different vitolas de salida as possib

I don’t normally post my purchases but, aside from the Nudies bundles I ordered, the Lanceros will probably be the last cigars I receive for a while. The other two are highlights from my last few orde

19 hours ago, Joeyjojo said:

I started a new job this week and fancied a little last minute treat to enjoy over the weekend, so I ordered a few singles (full UK retail price 🥲) 

So my weekend line up is:

Bolivar Royal Corona. A personal favourite of mine. When they are good, they are sublime.

Upmann Connie 2. I've never had a Connie, so thought I'd give it a try. Although I believe most folks here prefer the no.1?

Hoyo Epicure Especial. Inspired by the recent Hoyo EE thread. 

Juan Lopez 2. A cigar I feel is often overlooked by casual cigar smokers. It's one of those cigars that if someone says they love them, my estimation of their cigar knowledge and palate goes up a few points.

Let's keep that JL2/JL1 talk to a minimum please. If anyone asks, they were like smoking a swisher sweet and everyone should steer clear, and if they bought a few boxes they should immediately send them to me (and I guess @El Presidente) for safe disposal. 😁

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5 hours ago, Doublesh0t said:

hey look, I posted it in the right section!! 

TUA box code? Damn, I'd argue those look even purtier than the petit edmundos you posted before. 

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4 hours ago, Doublesh0t said:

hey look, I posted it in the right section!! 

Bravo, that'll keep 'em off your back.  😁

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On 3/13/2022 at 1:55 PM, Eric05 said:
Another lovely couple.

Those 109 look awesome! I am sure they will be a great smoke with that size.
Serious question, do you collect for investments or prefer smoking double bands?
I used to grab some regionals, mainly to get specific sizes and marca like dip or lgc which doesn’t really have more than 1 vitola, but not with this pricing anymore and how good reg production these days are smoking.

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22 hours ago, MPhillips said:

After reading the thread about regionals. 
had to pick some up. 
Diplomaticos Nortenos UEB Aug 18

Punch Duke Mexico. I’ll have to take off the ugly health warning to find box date. 
Quai D’Orsay Senadores GEM May 21

Those Dukes are criminally underrated. I have yet to have a Punch regional that wasn’t spectacular.

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There was a period in time were I was collecting alot of regionals, and honestly now I am at the point I go after preferred sizes. I love the 109 size. I also enjoy a nice Mag 56 size, some people don't. That is all part of the reason why I get some of the regionals now. 

Yep, the 109 is an outstanding size. Enjoy !!

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9 hours ago, hrs1 said:

Nice way to start the weekend - Siglo Vs with my second son's birthday for a box date.

Woohoo 🎉 congrats 

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