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  1. Poker prize! First VRU and I must say I can’t wait to try it after a good rest. 2nd Churchill also. Thanks FOH!
  2. Or the CDC or the DEA or the EPA or any other alphabet agency. ALL of these groups are over stepping their authority and it seems like with impunity. All I hear is " this agency " says......not good enough. I want names of who is doing this. At least with politicians you can get names. This " man behind the curtain " stuff is unsettling. Especially with un-elected seemingly life long appointments. A law by elected officials is the way. At least it would seem a lot more transparent than just " we don't like this ".
  3. Loved the champagne masterclass. Anyone that attends will love this. My wife said it was the quietest she'd ever seen me on a zoom call. I said well I have never learned anything by talking in class. Old lesson learned. I got tons of info from that one. I highly expect this one to be the same. 👍
  4. SIL and daughter went to Dominican Republic. Brought these back for me. Light to medium smooth smoke. Actually surprised me at first. Actually damn good for the first inch. Then it hits. Oh damn sweet Jesus what is this? Mix between peat moss and JP5. ( jet fuel ). Hard to maintain my business face as I’m reaching for straight vodka, gin, who cares I need something to wash this taste out. Sweat running down my forehead, eyes tearing up. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. A faint memory of the smell when 1 of my guys turned a porta potty over on a job site. My ears started ringing and I swear I saw grandma telling me to come to the light. Anyway, great cigar, anyone wanna trade for some Sir Winnie’s? Huh. No? Ok
  5. Everything will crash. NO supply whatsoever. Ballers will be buying my Cohibas at $1000 a stick. My QyH's at $500 a stick. Laughing all the way to the bank! Then crying because all my cigars will be gone. 😂
  6. Clearing a few acres to the ground on the farm for the new house and garage. Actually excited about the garage. An honest to goodness HOME garage. All the toys stay in the other one. Room for 3 daily driver cars and my wood shop equipment. May get to go back to making knife handles again. Cigars and making wood beautiful are my calming hobbies. Still debating about whether to put the cigar room/walk-in humi in there or not. Thinking about a loft in the rear corner. We'll see.
  7. Come on guys! I worked real hard on makin......ummm I mean acquiring that box. 😁
  8. That may be one of my first projects after the new house and shop are finished. Sans the graphic tho. 😁
  9. Ok. Insta friends! Welcome Brother!
  10. Yep, looks like west virginia to me. I can't lie. She was hot.

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