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  1. Being in the UK I look forward to these QR codes. It will be another method for me to see that my cigars have been thrown into an incinerator. Or donated to one of Prince Charles charities, or gone into a national fund to by more flags.
  2. Strange isn't it. If someone asked me "is the Monte 2 the best cigar in the world?" I would scoff and say......."Weeeeelll thats a difficult one, not in my book". however they are a strange, strange beast. In my mental black book of cigar memories, I would have to say the Monty 2 was responsible for a handful of jaw droppingly excellent cigars. I don't necessarily even like the vitola either, but the sheer weight of body, and class elevates them. It's a strange calculation to make but I would average you'd probably have to smoke 3 boxes of 25 to experience one of those 100 pointers, Thats not to say the rest of the cigars are not good, but I can't think of any other cigar that when you have a truly excellent one, it sort of discombobulates your brain......you think. "can I really afford the large ratio of misses to hits...........yes.....yes I believe I can!" A true enigma
  3. Agree, and would expect that 'fall off' from other forums, however the majority of FOH members either know personally the quality of DD's or have been exposed to the specific FOH hype on these cigars. I'm not saying they should be hugely over where they are, but if I have to value them personally, in the current market, I would say around the $800 - $850 mark.
  4. The current conservative government in the UK, are also trying to make protesting illegal as well. Always a sure sign of abject desperation when wildly unpopular politicians cant stand the fact that the public find them repulsive, and in turn try and silence them.
  5. It's funny I can't help but wonder just how many DD's have been smoked long before they were anywhere near ready, Last 14 I smoked was like death by woodshed, with a big nic hit to boot, I agree with you totally John, although enjoyable now, the last batch still have another 3-5 yrs to go. I have 2 boxes + 2 loose sticks left. Will likely smoke them all or give to friends, as strangely the auction sold prices for DD's is nowhere near there actually worth.....The last BR box up for sale went for $530 ......seems like an absolute snip compared to where other prices are at. Great review as always
  6. As ever ..a true gent, cheers mate. Look forward to reading your thoughts Best, Stefan
  7. Could you let me know your thoughts post sampling John, this is a cigar i'm contemplating buying too. Cheers Stefan
  8. I knew Satan was buying up all the cigars. Finally we have hard proof
  9. I agree, theres something slightly bloated and awry, when you can see good portions of the side of the bands, when looking face on at the cigar That said any nod of cap to heritage should be commended........it could be worse they could have satin foot bands
  10. Happy Birthday good man, keep us the sterling work!
  11. The stuff that I've seen looks very claro for RA, but in the full run I imagine there will be every shade, such is QC and scarcity of wrapper
  12. Sorry to give the wrong impression. Obviously the ideal, is to have a work place that feels like family, fun, social, hardworking, challenging, rewarding, aspirational. At times in my life I've worked under people that fostered this atmosphere, and I loved them for it, and I gave them all my loyalty. Indeed whenever I have employed people on the rare occasion, I've tried to create and harbour a similar dynamic. I guess I was talking about the larger current situation in the UK. Verified sources have reported Murdoch papers are on the record for saying to government "we will do anything you want.....but you must get people back in the office". This is my main gripe, it's that work shouldn't be a daily drudge. It shouldn't be astronomical annual train tickets, for a service that barely operates, it shouldn't be a terrible coffee priced like it's made from molten gold. Here in the UK, lots of people doing shit jobs, have had an awakening, and that they were simply going through the motions, living a life that puts the employer, the private train operator, the extortionate sandwich company etc etc in the driving seat. Currently the edict from the government is "get back to the office, or else". I think lots of modern entrepreneurialism in the UK, is based around 'mining the poor'. Whether it be insecure/unregulated zero hours contract jobs, or people with energy meters paying more than anyone else in the country. I just thinks its rotten, and the pandemic has given people an arial view of it, and they've said no! never mind your terms.....I have my own terms. Also because of the utter folly of Brexshit, and the cut off of skilled foreign work, the employer is increasingly being held over a barrel. Strike action is also on the rise. I think people are happy to work, but balance of advantage between employer and employee needs rectifying
  13. You can make, and always do your correlations......it doesn't make them truthful Ray. If you think the disgusting corruption that has gone on under the conservative party, selling off huge swathes of London, and being one of the biggest money laundering centres of the world is a socialist operation!!!!! then I feel genuinely sorry for you, that's utterly risible You always try and paint me to be an apologist for communist/socialist regimes and it's just not based in reality. I think Cuba is a failed enterprise, A ruthless dictatorship, where decent people are treated like dirt. However in the same breath not every single socialist principle in the world is the route of all evil. The NHS in the UK, is one of the most popular sources of national pride, and has Its foundation in socialist principles. It's just not a topic where there are goodies and badies. I do respect that you live in a country where this is a largely polarised issue, but thats not the case in the rest of the world. Russia is a kleptocracy, Putin is a thief plain and simple. he's got nothing to do with communism, and any suggestion he does, is just out of date, lazy, cold war rhetoric. I respect lots of what you have to say on a variety of other topics Ray, but with regard to accepting this "lesson". I'll pass
  14. It's the inference more than any direct comment. i.e what are they thinking? can it hold? I'm not suggesting we shouldn't question their current business model and the changes they've made, rather how many big industry price hikes do we just take on the chin and absorb without any question. For my own part I see what HSA are doing to be completely in step with what everyone else seems to be doing, i.e push it until you find the price ceiling, then take the foot off the gas........the latter part doesn't seem to have happened as yet.
  15. It was a poor analogy, maybe the whisky market would have been a better comparison. When it all boils down, what i was trying to point to was that we seem to be much more accepting to have our pants pulled down by big business, but when it some rag tag bunch of commies, people seem to be taking an extra level of offence at the price hikes. A bit like if a mortgage broker breaks it to you that their putting and extra £600 on their commission, you go "oh well, what can I do, it's the current financial climate" But if a sweat shop in Pakistan said, we are going to have to put an extra £2 on every pair of trainers, it seems some would be thinking. "cheeky b******ds"
  16. We are going through a period of time where the majority of industries around the world are reflecting price increases, due to Ukraine, Covid, Green levies etc etc. If HSA has been hit by productivity and not been able to secure the amount of cigars rolled through Covid, I think it's completely understandable that when in a mess they are trying to dig themselves out with the only trump card they're holding. i.e try and make the same amount of cash with less cigars. I'm not defending HSA, or the mess they've gotten themselves into. What I'm saying is that when power companies say "your bill are going up 100% due to market forces and international affairs" we kind of go "oh well, shit happens". but when something similar happens from HSA, we have some strange personal take on it, like someone is trying to swindle us.
  17. Hmm I think your reaction is misplaced. This is a cigar forum, but there are no rules suggesting I can't draw similarities to other markets All that I was saying is that there seems (to me at least) a weird difference between how we react to being gouged by some industries and not others. All i'm saying is that the forces at play seem to me to be exactly the same. i.e there is less of something and those that have it, want to see how high a premium they can charge for it. We will have to agree to disagree, but to me there does seem to be an undertone in the reaction to HSA i.e that they are taking the piss. All that I was saying is that this is happening all over the world, with all sorts of products, and reaction to those price hikes, seems to be slightly more understanding/accepting

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