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  1. @BTWheezy, I’d like to throw in my 2 cents. My first impression of the contaminated wiring is the cabling looks like audio cable from the 80’s/90’s. The insulation of this cable type is not designed to carry high voltage or high current. The insulation would break down and “outgas” leaving a sticky film on the cable and connectors. Seen this many times in the past on electronic/electrical equipment/machinery. Eventually the insulation material breaks down to the point of becoming “brittle” and would crack when it was bent or moved. Not knowing what voltage is in these wires I could definitely be wrong. If it’s resin from the cedar then you just have to clean as required. If it’s the wiring, then I strongly suggest you replace all wiring as this “outgassing” will permeate your prized possessions. [Note: if Spanish cedar is properly dried before using it will not produce resin like this. (as all wood for furniture should be and can take several years)] Edit: It could also be caused by the high humidity that accelerates the outgassing.
  2. @Corylax18, I received the same email and had the exact same thoughts/questions.
  3. I’d like to add the AMC Gremlin and Ford Pinto. Grandpa convinced my dad to buy a used Gremlin, dad regretted it the whole time we owned it. Had a high school buddy who owned the Pinto, horrible car. The gas crisis in the 1970’s shed a light on lack of engineering talent here in the states!
  4. You have my vote of confidence @TobaccoRoad, if only because you have the greatest statesman’s picture as your profile photo!👏👏👏
  5. I love the fact (humorously) that when I voted there were 5 individuals that actually voted for Aliens! 😆
  6. @JohnS, love that range of color variation lining up singles like that. Something you don’t see in a correctly sorted box.
  7. @oneizzzz, now you let me know if they don’t meet your satisfaction - 😉
  8. Sorry guys, I’m a JL2 person. Don’t get Cohiba at all, guess it’s my palate.
  9. @KnightsAnole, that is an outstanding piece you’ve created! 👏👏👏
  10. Unfortunately the photo didn’t appear correct on my phone. 😢

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