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  1. Ok. Insta friends! Welcome Brother!
  2. I had an update but went right in. Next week? @yossie is getting cocky. Again! Come get him. 🤣
  3. Absolutely. And "real" only talk about it........ONCE. Generalizations I have no problem admitting to. Details? Never happen. I was in 85-89 so I don't have the luxury of a "real" war. So I don't have those guys experiences. However, shit always happens. Just not everyone knows about it. More to the point it seems like I hear to many opinions on what people THINK happens vs what really happens. Hence my "I know" statement.
  4. My first Monte 2 ROTT I thought what have I done. Nasty. After resting? I nub the damn things now. Can't get enough!
  5. " Dave's not here!" Sorry. Old Cheech and Chong reference. I couldn't resist! 🤣 WELCOME! You found the right place.
  6. Statements like that remind of the reporter, who during the gulf war, asked General Shwarzkopf were he planned to attack next. The dumbfounded look on his face was priceless as to the stupidity of that question. Sorry Jack, but some things shall never be revealed. There's a reason they're called "secrets". You really want to "know" ? Sign up, pay the price and you to shall be enlightened.
  7. @Elpresidente agree on the Mag 50's. Caught some flack for liking them, but rested well? My box is outstanding. Looking forward to more. ( If they come in ) 🙂
  8. At least your work isnt screwing with you. JUST NOW sent my email. AND the one I sent for work. AT 3PM THIS AFTERNOON! LMAO
  9. That close? Come on. You have a pic to prove you were there SOMEWHERE! And yes I have to go get a pic of me at the Bigfoot Museum. The grandkids are begging. And we know we can't turn them down. I hate my life. 😂
  10. You mean publicly. Not actively. We’ve been eliminating for years. I know.
  11. Timing is everything. I am literally staying 2 miles from the “Bigfoot” museum in GA. Dont judge, they pay me to be here for awhile. 😂
  12. It just happens Dave. Be like water and go with the flow. That’s the fun part, you, Nevrknow. 😀
  13. Hemostats. Use the tip of your finger to find the stem. Then grab the hemps and lock on. Firm grip and gently pull. I personally have gravitated to the non locking ones. Or I grind off a tab so it doesn’t lock. Makes it easier to re grab a stem. Most times they will come out. If not, probe deeper until you get a good grip. Pay attention to the “feel” of where the tips are. To close to the wrapper and you will split it. If you do, get some natural rolling papers and seal it up. Eventually you will get the hang of it by touch. Has saved me a lot of cigars from being thrown away. But then again, I smoke to enjoy not to impress, so if it’s buggered a little but still smokeable, I’m all in. 👍🏻
  14. I pulled not 1 or 2 but 3 like that from a plugged Lusi. After that? Best freaking cigar of my life. Bar none. Pullem and smokem. And hush. 🤣🤣
  15. I remember those. Lost all mine in a terrible boating accident on a deep lake. Sad day. 🥲
  16. Figured I would torch one after a rest. If no good I'll wait for the yellow cello. If no good then I'm taking @Heels82's advice. 😁
  17. Soooooo, part of the fam spent 2.5 weeks in the DR. Brought these back for Father‘s day. Awesome to be thought of while on vacation.” You’re so hard to shop for!” No I’m not, let me introduce you to Bond Robert’s! 😂😂 Any who, anyone have an opinion on these NC’s? Laying them down for a time after a major freeze session. Any info/opinions greatly appreciated.

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