Your top 2 Regional Releases

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Ken and I had a cracking regional this afternoon. One of the best that I have had in a long long time. 

From the hip.....what are your favourite Regional Releases of the ones that you have tried. 

I will give you two picks. ;)

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Encantos and Edmundo Dantes Conde 109.  Celestiales finos, PL Robusto, RA Estupendos easily interchangeable. 

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40 minutes ago, ElJavi76 said:

@El Presidente you gonna keep us in the dark about what that amazing regional you fine gentlemen has the opportunity to enjoy?


Think of a vitola that's mid-sized in a marca they both love. It's recent. I'm having it mid-week.

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Bolivar Edición Regional Alemania Especiales No.2 2009

Ramon Allones Belicoso 2005. This was a very early RR, it came out of Great Britain, had one band, and flew under the radar until later RA Belicosos  were released with all of the Regional's Release banding and publicity. The cigars were nicotine bombs like the RACF and eventually mellowed out into great RA cigars. They were also priced fairly, if I remember correctly. At least they weren't anything like 20$ US a stick

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This thread is good motivation for a smoke off! Have to have a gander and see what I have left!



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