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  1. @SigmundChurchill who cares about the humidor. We’ve already smoked the goods inside of it. Gloriosos stay true to their namesake… they’re glorious. Keep the varnished wood. I’ll take the cigars instead.
  2. Part of good/bad is with your manager. I thought Muncy getting all faux incense cause Turner was intentionally walked on a 1-2 count I thought was more Dodgers bs drama. Tony’s been around a long time and he went with the gut this time but the Sox have a talented team and they’re underperforming for him. They kick in the nut$ this past week is the Phillies. They fire Girardi and all of a sudden they’re world beaters??? I’m a Mets fan and I have a special dislike for anything Yankees related, but Joe’s a good manager. Just like Maddon I thought Girardi deserved more rope. The Phillies have a bigger gripe than the Halos cause they’re payroll is like 230MM. Girardi can’t get outs coming in from the bullpen. That’s gonna be Philadelphia’s undoing. Their bullpen sux. Braves playing much better too but the Mets need to forget about the rear view mirror. You do you. All these teams are full of professional ball players with egos and pride. They all want to win. AL and NL East are by far the most competitive divisions respectively. #LFGM
  3. Working in technology I’ve been around plenty of outsourcing and it’s a mixed bag. Smaller projects with lose timelines… ok they can generally pull this off. We’re in the middle of swapping out our entire customer billing system and oh boy are we having fun. When you’ve got 15-18 edge systems all feeding off one backend system with an infinite amount of business rules you end up with a circus. Decisions get made as to what is or isn’t important to include in Day 1 release. It’s nauseating!! So this idea that just cause we can work remotely that quality and attention to detail will be there… all I’ll say is you get what you pay for. I feel like requirements gathering turns into a game of telephone. By the time testing cycles come around you start to see the absolute lack of communication that happens with these outsourcing outfits. Unrelated but in the same vein… I opened a ticket 8 days ago to get a port opened on a Linux server. I’m still waiting. We’ve also outsourced our IT desk and the part I love is the people who make these decisions don’t have to get on a phone to open ticket with folks that have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve opened tickets, gotten a resource assigned, and then found myself giving these guys the exact syntax on what I need them to do. Fail!!! Knowing your business and your business needs does not translate well at all.
  4. The other angle here about coming back to the office is that regular folks are being asked to come back in while the upper crust still sits at home. Even when discussing our commutes, many upper echelon managers get a car service to and from or at least from office. The rest of us schleps have to hoof it in and dodge criminals while on the train. I’ve been going into one of our many offices which is a 45 min drive in the morning and an hour drive coming home. Most of the manager, vps, and senior vp offices are empty. I’ve seen a few of them come in for two hours and then they’re gone. Do as I say not as I do. Morale among the minions isn’t high. Below an article from finance yahoo on the matter. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/workers-returning-to-the-office-but-wheres-the-boss-160541192.html
  5. I work for a major utility company in the north east… I’ve been remote since 3/20. For over 2 years those of us who could be remote have been. Now they’re starting to ask us to return 1 day a week and in a month they want us back 3 days a week. The workforce is split between union and management employees. Obviously the union folks are well represented by their lawyers, as they should be… they pay dues. Management folks like myself don’t have that luxury. I will point out that field activity folks that work on cherry pickers and even below ground never had the luxury of working from home, so that’s not lost on me. However, we know the truth of getting back into the office is all about pressure from the local govt. Revenue from buses and trains is way down, as well as tax revenue from all the eateries that don’t have the foot traffic they’re accustomed to having. What is up is crime, shootings, muggings, and even rape in the same transportation system they want “some” of us to travel. I say some because the union folks have negotiated that as long as their performance doesn’t suffer they can continue working from home. I get it… not everyone can wfh. You can’t make cars from home. You can’t fix electrical lines from home. However, I’m in technology and this farce about water cooler talk/gossip is a joke. I’ve been an individual contributor for years now. I don’t consult with anyone else on the team to fix this or brainstorm to figure out how best to code a solution. I would think that water cooler talk is probably the least productive time anyone could spend in an office. Elon is Elon. He’s become slightly politically polarizing but he’s as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. I think he’s a brilliant man with world changing ideas. If he wants to run his company that way… have at it brother, that’s why you own it. One size doesn’t fit all tho. Just saying!
  6. In Spanish we have a saying… No es lo mismo llamar al diablo que verlo llegar. Loosely translated, it means it’s not the same thing to invoke the devil as it is to watch him arrive. I see so many here in America flirting with and inviting some of these authoritarian policies, but what they don’t know is that these folks eat their own. If you aren’t in lockstep with everything they decide then you’re an enemy. I thought the article was a great glimpse into the world of the communists. The rumors. The “chivatos”/informants making up stories and having those be accepted as fact. Ultimately, how they break down an innocent man into thinking he’s done wrong by isolating him. I personally don’t have any wishes of reparations or land or whatever… I’d simply wish for the communists to be gone. Non-negotiable from where I sit. GTFO! You ruined a once beautiful island and made it into a pile of rubble.
  7. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1944/08/richard-wright-communist/618821/ I’ll just leave this here for those who wish to read. I find it curious when folks that have never lived a day under communism like to tell people who escaped it how to feel.
  8. Hey Kurt, how goes it brother? These are tasty smokes. Reminds me a bit of the Talisman but the long finish on it has some umami to it. There’s almost like a smokey bbq sauce to the finish. Least that’s what i got from it. The one picture was my fourth one. I like them! Cheers!
  9. Cohiba Shmohiba… I’d save these but then some other schlub would end up enjoying them. No box code. Cohiba Victoria EL 21 55 Aniversario. It’s a mouthful.
  10. I’ve got about 10 Espys left from a box of petacas i bought in Havana. Couple of boxes of Siglo IVs, IIIs, a box of IIs, one box of VIs, and about 8 boxes of Medio Siglos. I can still recall when I would buy the MS boxes here at $299 and we would comment that the MS was pricey for a petit robusto. We should all pool our money together… not to buy Cohibas but to invest in that time machine. Unfortunately, i think my Cohiba/Trinidad buying days are coming to a close. I’ve managed to put together a really nice collection but I won’t pay $2500 for a box of Esplendidos or $850 for a box of MS. Can’t justify it. I find myself turning to friends and sending messages at odd hours about such and such vendor with a good deal on RyJ Petit Royales or Cazadores. Buying regular production non Cohiba has become a problem. I will have to baby my Cohiba stash and enjoy it when I can. Reading the above email also struck a chord cause I’m not the nicest guy in the world but I certainly share my cigars with my friends. I find myself thinking like no way can I keep sharing at this carefree pace. At a given cookout with family we’d rip thru 15-20 cigars in an afternoon. Friends come over and we each take down 2 or 3. I hate to be having these selfish thoughts but this hobby has gotten crazy expensive and very few friends and zero family collaborate to buy or share more cigars. Maybe I’ll just tell folks I quit and find myself sneaking around to have my cigars. lol
  11. I’m trying to not make this personal Rob. My opinion on the embargo doesn’t move the needle on the subject. I don’t shape foreign policy from my seat. I assure you of it. There are a bunch of Cubans in the NY metro area but nothing like Florida. Local govt in NJ could give a ykw about Cuba or any embargo. It means very little to folks this far north, and dare I say to the bulk of everyday Americans. I also resent being blamed for anything going on in Cuba. It’s simply not true. I’m busy trying to figure out ways to get a few dollars to my kin without surrendering tithe to the govt. I’ll step away now knowing this is a complex subject. I don’t think we’ll find the answers here but there is an over abundance of emotion on all sides.
  12. How do you suppose we unleash economical freedom on the populace but kink the communist’s hose? Totalitarian govts don’t share the wealth very well but they certainly share the misery. I don’t see how we free the population without those in control taking advantage of those measures. A parallel there could be the minimum wage arguments going on everywhere. Yes you can make a business owner pay their employees $15 an hour, but you can’t make them employ the same amount of folks or to hand those costs down to consumers. So now the employee makes more, the consumer pays more… and with that pattern across the board, the extra $3 dollars per hour that employee makes he has to spend for more expensive goods and services. It’s a wash at the end of the day. I did preface my comments with, it’s only THIS man’s opinion. I don’t purport to have the answers and I agree that 60 years of the same policy hasn’t changed a thing. I think it’s a matter of stubborn men with huge egos that don’t really care about their fellow man. I would think that Cuba would have a bigger responsibility in the well-being of their citizens. So back to the opinion that the communists aren’t very interested in their own. They need saving from the outside. More empathy and less narcissism is required across the board. PS “I find a great divide between recent immigrant Cubans and US born.“ For the record I’m not in either of these camps. Born there. Migrated here 40+ years ago. So I was one of the lucky ones that got out. For a brief moment my parents thought about recanting their application to leave with a political prisoner status. They were fearful that if they didn’t get out we’d get stuck there and other reprisals would ensue. In an alternate reality I’d still be living in Cuba struggling along with my family. The struggle isn’t lost on me.
  13. Chas honestly my opinion doesn’t weigh more than yours. Mine just comes from a different place. If anyone thinks that i don’t want to ease the daily pains of my fellow Cubans…that’s insane. My family remains there. I also have an axe to grind with the communists. They took my family’s land from them. They imprisoned my father and uncles for not being “one of them” and for sharing their ideology. I admit that all of that pent up frustration is what drives my disdain for the communists. I get that it’s been a stupid exercise for close to 60 years. But they could lift it as easily and maybe easier than we could. They’re not that interested.
  14. Chas, my truth (I won’t call it THE truth) is that the dictatorship in Cuba is far more interested in an embargo than we are. This way they can demonize the imperialist. Do any of us really believe that with a lifted embargo Cuba somehow turns into a Democratic form of govt? Or even a less communist govt? So tomorrow embargo goes away… Juana makes trinkets in Havana and she wants to somehow export/sell them to the states. The second any citizen in Cuba gets 2 nickels to rub together they come in and you know “adjust things”. (If you disagree ask about your friendly neighborhood custom roller… some (not all) of these guys got a little too popular and collected too much money and they got cleaned out.) No embargo doesn’t mean no oppression for the Cubans. They would remain a totalitarian regime. I really want to know what folks think would happen if the embargo was gone. Cuba would be able to buy more products from the rest of the world… would other countries still trade with them? They don’t pay their bills. Would the communist all of a sudden become humanitarians and let their newfound riches rain down upon their citizenry? I think we don’t know what we don’t know, but to think that we can trust communists with a sudden change of heart. I sincerely disagree! FYI … take any of my comments with a grain of salt. I’m not here to convince you or anyone of what I believe. Nor do I expect to be swayed in any way by other folks opinions. I do however respect everyone’s take. I’m just some guy that got here on a shrimping boat with 285 Cuban refugees during the 1980 boat lift, with family that remains back there. Just another viewpoint is all.
  15. Nobody really believes that the main reason we still have an embargo is the voting base from ONE of 50 states, right? I’d like to think Cuban Americans yield the bulk of the muscle in local government in states like Florida. However, to think that we shape foreign policy like the embargo all by ourselves is laughable. It’s been beaten to death here and across other mediums that the real reason Cuba isn’t on the radar when it comes to foreign policy is that there’s nothing to take from Cuba. Strategic location, sure. The balance between being a threat or a potential ally is negligible. Like I said, no oil or resources worth pursuing in Cuba. I think that sums up the lack of interest. Cuban immigrants can attain green cards sooner than most others but last I checked you still need to be a permanent resident (green card holder) for 5 years before applying for citizenship. You won’t have to worry about these Cuban immigrants for at least 6-7 years before they can “tip the embargo scale”. 😂 I also think those folks are busy trying not to get kidnapped in Mexico before they can get across. Cuban immigrants in Mexico are disproportionately targeted for kidnappings because the cartels assume their kin in America have money to pay for their ransom. Very complicated stuff.

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