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  1. I don't put thought into cigar pairings. It will be good to learn why he suggests pairings as such. I'll give it thought & practice in the future. Wine/port and cigars are usually only when friends are over. Need something to go with cigars after dinner. Hard liquor at that point of the night would just give the KO.
  2. "Diary of a Madman" is Ozzy's best solo album. As for Sabbath, I am partial to Dio's singing. My favorite Ozzy backed Sabbath album is "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath".
  3. I bet the LCDH in Zurich won't be selling them to patrons walking in. The owner has no business running an LCDH.
  4. Habanos taking a back seat to NC's in EMEA, several LCDH franchises closing, increased special edition cigars, and prices 30-50% more than they are today.
  5. ^^ Are both movements set off of the center crown? ^^ Beautiful watch.
  6. I don't have a favorite producer. It would depend on the decade. Last 20 years, I like Noval since Seely straightened them out. Dow & Warres for SFP. I would lean towards Fonseca over Taylor. A fan of Ferreira's elegance. I am pretty non-partisan when it comes to port.
  7. Just bought a case of '85 Taylor. No '83 Taylor 😞 Actually I don't have much Taylor in general.
  8. Perhaps Habanos should sell direct to consumers then? They could also have their own distributors along with the established ones. If Habanos could do better with the Duty Free's; that would help enormously. Outside of Beirut, no airport is really consistent or something to write home about. The walk-in's need to be packed head to toe. Bring back the Duty Free glory days! With tobacco, it's just too regulated world wide to play games with distribution. A country could easily seize assets looking for their taxes. Once it's beyond nickel and dime, it's too risky for Habanos.
  9. I give out about 10-15 cigars a year at most. Not worried about mooching. I would have to be around someone who wants to smoke a cigar with me which is a monument in its own.

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