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  1. Agreed. Laughable I can’t even find a box of their most widely produced cigar (Monty #2) at the moment (not even FOH!).
  2. Thanks be to the rapid increase in Australian taxes (duty) I’m well positioned and reflect that we went trough this price reflection conversation prob close near a decade ago. Probably never smoke a La Trova now unless I trade a box of JL2 but I’ll prob enjoy the ones I smoke more now.
  3. Wow. There’s something I hope comes back in 2022 or 2023!
  4. I’d say go visit your parents. I found a 1/2 full 2013 box of El Principe on my last visit.
  5. Ditto. I enjoy quite a few cigars that aren’t mainstream; RG, SLR, occasional Sancho Panzaas as well as the usual Upmanns and Montecristos. If you put aside the fact that SLR and SP have had their vitolas discontinued to heck I just don’t see much value in more than $10/$250 a box for RG PCs. I think someone said the price level of $15 a robusto was where the comfort level is but I think that’s just a way to normalize $350+ Hoyo Ep 2’s. So I will likely stop purchasing much and smoke down what I’ve got. Probably sell some too. It’s very similar to bourbon, some expensive bottle got too collectible and simply can’t justify opening and consuming.
  6. Bang on! I don’t have a dog in this fight either but have heard people saying they won’t go back to work? Hmmkay. When all the money in the economy dries up and people want to eat they’ll be happy to work wherever they’re told to.
  7. Couple non Cubans. The Goldie was recently repatriated after been stuck in Australia for several years. Smoked great! Eiroa was tasty also!
  8. Hawaii is obviously pretty similar to LA (without the cheap fruit). I’m actually going to trader joes every trip and bringing cheaper things back with me to the islands. No fruit Mr Agriculture check guy!
  9. Differences between dalias and Churchill? Imagine the smaller ring gauge might be have slightly more oomph?
  10. Good god I wonder what the liquor prices were.
  11. I lived there back in ‘06 and found it super hard to meet anyone that wasn’t a tourist or snowbird. Living there kinda felt like a never ending beach vacation.

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