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  1. In 2015 or 16 I swore blind the robusto was a coro, after the first 3 or 4 puffs I even laughed and shook my head. It was by the the most Cohiba-ry Cohiba I'd ever had. I just sat back and enjoyed the rest of it feeling immensely smug. Was a BRC
  2. I've been taking bands off prior to smoking for years, now it's probably the antithesis to what Hsa want, especially with Cohiba
  3. Bolivar Petit Corona RyJ ex#4 Upmann Sir Winston Montecristo Especial #1 I just realised how limited we are from just ten years or so ago in terms of recommendations for those unique smokes: Bolivar Coronas Extra/Gold Medal SLR DC/ Serie A Sancho Panza Molinos QdO Panetelas I don't think you could get much more extreme between the SLR DC and a Bolivar CE
  4. eeep 5 years? Still haven't got round to trying this new release
  5. Some which have stood out for me on their own two feet have the illusione cg:4 naturals and the old blend of Winston Churchill Lancasters, used to come in a red tin in the UK, blend change a few years ago when the line rebranded but I'd be surprised if done weren't still knocking about. I'd quite happily puff away at either and get at least 89/100 experiences, pushing into the low 90's regularly
  6. Crikey that's gorgeous. Without getting into pricing debates, H&F do some incredible stuff. Absolutely nail it so many times. It's a target for Hsa if they truly want to get into the luxury market
  7. Brown paper stamped with green ink, tied with string, wrapping the cello bundle. That'll do me! Love the idea of a separate FoH/nudie old fashioned solid box like the top pic that we can refill. Heck even one with a decent seal so you can use it as a mini desktop, if it's got a latch like in the example above and made solid I'd have it on the side 24/7
  8. Darts/pool and a pint of Bodders was a staple of my teenage years, lovely stuff!
  9. Energy in the UK has gone nuts, this time last year the average annual cost for gas+elec was around £1000-1200 a year, by October it's due to be £2800. In reality a lot of households are seeing their bill triple. The farm next to me has had their monthly energy bill go from £650 to £2500. It's not a question of how long can they last at that, they simply can't right now. From around £8k a year up to £30k just for gas+elec
  10. I know BHK 56 were above £300 each last year or so but if that was down to the supply issues over the last few years or not I'm not sure, I'd guess so. If this is truly pre-price rise and they are getting this on top it's going to be hilarious
  11. So roughly following the % rise in the German list, UK CoRo online will be around £125 a stick BHK 56 are roughly £350 a stick online now and been that way for a while, so will be around £875 per single cigar after the increase if it follows 😂
  12. I tried to introduce my wife to it last year and I was surprised how dated it was, gave up after 20 min Flight of the Intruder still looks and feels great though, I watched in a few weeks ago again, belter of a film
  13. If you can get hands on one, or someone you trust to check them to make sure they've not been passed over for 20 years for being tent pegs, you could get some great smokes.
  14. I wonder what the Canada/UK prices are going to be, looking roughly at that German list and doing a rough comparison I can't see many UK stores/stockists outside of London/Edinburgh lasting long £20 cigar for a treat comparable to a £20 bottle of wine. Start going into that £80+ bottle of wine territory and your client base has shrunk significantly. Margins are already pretty slim

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