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  1. Do you know or have the information for range of serial numbers per year?
  2. Which stamp shows code '00027' under UV light?
  3. Likes: very tasty cigar when they are on Dislikes: Usually they are tight, bad draw
  4. I've only tried the PCEs, many boxes and everyone was enjoyable. Not tried others.
  5. A couple of side by side reviews I've seen including Sutters, they preferred the Hidalgos over the others . But i agree, they are just insane.
  6. Please vote for one, your favorite if you've smoked them, if not, pick the one you are looking forward to trying. thanks
  7. San Juan for me. I don't care much for Rio Seco.
  8. I've probably threw away 4-5 that were just beyond saving. But I've come across a tons of almost plugged cigars (no, the humidity is not high), Perfecdraw helps a bit but the experience is not the same any more. I think the taste changes, you might get a slightly better draw, but it's not the same cigar any longer.
  9. Esplendidos for me as well. Although, the recent aged Siglo VIs I've been smoking have been phenomenal.
  10. It's good to see that they haven't changed the bands. I thought they'll be replacing the bands with the regular smaller bands??!!!

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