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  1. So all things considered, most of the bundle I got looks like this. I'm pleasantly surprised. And yes, ROTT, kinda punchy, twangy, subtly sweet and strong. Truth be told, I paid about $40USD for the whole bundle and the value here is insanely good.
  2. Finally decided to take a punt on some Petit Cazzies, BOT MAR 15. Price on these was too good to pass up. The aroma is lovely. May fire one up ROTT.
  3. Love me some RG Perlas. Even better when they are already 7 years old. Original release maybe? And some cheapie JLP Petit Cazzies. Also surprised to find them with a March 15 date.
  4. From a creative standpoint, Pink Floyd definitely takes it. Plus David Gilmour is legendary.
  5. Saw this as well, such a disappointment. I thoroughly despise the montesco. Here's a haiku (I think) just for fun: Stop the Montesco Please Habanos stop it now You make me so sad
  6. This really gets under my skin too. Whatever happened to doing good just to do good? It's gotta be about throwing it in other people's faces and saying LOOK AT ME instead of just doing the right thing. It really defeats the purpose and takes away the real meaning of what you're doing. Gah, mini rant over.
  7. RASCC, Trini Reyes, RG Perlas. The Perlas being my favorite of the bunch. Complex and consistent. The Reyes and RASCC are a little stronger, but still deliver in spades.
  8. Montesco vitola, please stop. iPhones. Your phone does basically the same stuff as everyone else's. You're not cool.
  9. -Staff being clueless and careless -Staff who follow you around to make sure you don't steal -The guy who jams the foot of the cigar up his nose to test aroma -The 'expert' smoker who can't figure out which end of the perfecto to light - Know it all guy who bashes CCs while chomping away on his 7x70 whatever
  10. Stump89


    Agreed, Zacapa is more balanced. Definitely a good choice for the price.
  11. Probably more accurate. Which in that case is also refreshing lol!

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