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  1. The only 2 that haunt me are the Bolivar Gold Medals and the LA Escepcion Selectos Finos. Should have went way deeper than I did on those.
  2. Nope. I only ever have on average about 3 or so months of smoking stock at any one time. Some of that is aged/vintage/old and others is every day smoking stock. When I can see stocks going down I buy more.
  3. Is it normal in the US to change the team you support?
  4. It would usually be La Escepcion Selectos Finos, LGC MdO #2 or a Bolivar Gold Medal, but I've not smoked any of these in 2020. So I will go with a Montecristo #2 or HdM Epicure #2. I've had many cigars that are classed as better etc but for me, either of these 2 are a constant go to so would be very happy with either of those.
  5. A shot of vinegar will do the trick. Doesn't taste as bad as you think it will and no aftertase/smell either. Jobs a good un.
  6. Gid Nae gid Pretty much sums it ups. Occasionally get a "totally rare" or a "dancer". In the case of a really bad smoke it would be "pure pish".
  7. When you mentioned this before I wasn't keen on the idea of a cigar being "included" but that works really well. Great effort.
  8. I got an 89% match with Tyler Durden. Would have much preferred Bunk!
  9. I have a piece of Michael Jordan artwork from the Barcelona olympics, show posters that ym friend has had run in Theatres, couple of odds and ends that I have picked up on my travels, a couple of Eric Cantona framed pictures, a brewery mirror from Braunchsweig/Hannover and a couple of bikes hanging up. Got a big spot that I am trying to decide what to fill it with.

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