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My lovely missus is due to have girl number 4 on May 2nd.  We have still not decided on a name and I'm curious to hear if there are any nice sounding girl names related to the cigar hobby.  We've already ruled out Juliet and Perla, but definitely open to other suggestions. 

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Well the day has come, 8:04am 5/2! We decided on Dahlia, think PL Encantos/898s. Dahlia and mom are both doing well!  The rest of the family is happy too

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Baby name rules:

1.  An elegant long form (for when she's signing multi-million dollar deals, treaties, declarations of independence, that sort of thing)

2.  A handy short form (nickname)

3.  The initials can't form anything derogatory 

So that means that Punch Immensos Stump89 is off the table . . . 

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Cazadora (Sp. f Hunter). Shortens nicely to Cazzie. Almost guarantees that she'll be beautiful, strong and good in the great outdoors.
And thick skinned...

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