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  1. I didn't like any of these cigars. Most had a poor balance (lack of taste). 107 Maduro was just terrible - very resinous and bitter.
  2. Two floors are partially destroyed, information about the victims is being clarified. The preliminary cause is a gas explosion.
  3. I tried one - a great cigar for my money. I was advised to age them for one year and humidity 65%, I will try
  4. I like all vitolas, except Mananitas, it is not convenient to hold and smoke because of the small format. The taste of Mananitas is simple and from the middle it requires delicate smoking due to overheating. The most favorite, perhaps, is Tapados. I like Vegueros in a smooth ruddy Colorado wrapper (I picked up a few photos). If the wrapper is light and rough, you will get bitterness and grass. If you like bitter beer, then such cigars will not cause rejection. If the cigar is qualitatively rolled and has the right wrapper, then the tasting is as follows: “the taste is complex rounded, enveloping oily, herbaceous-woody-creamy-leathery-mineral with toasty notes. Strength is medium-high. Smokiness is medium, light smoke. The aroma is very strong, it smells like a bakery.” These cigars for me are as strong as Partagas Serie E2 and with the same noble complex taste. Don't forget that tobacco is from Pinar del Rio. This tobacco is very resistant to aging, who smoked vintage Vegueros Especiales will understand what I'm talking about.
  5. I can say that there are a number of reasons why Russian tourists who visited Cuba at the end of 2021 decided not to come on vacation to island anymore: - the quality and variety of food has decreased - the attitude towards tourists has changed for the worse - tips are now not gratitude for service, but mandatory prepayment. If you have not paid in advance, you are not served. Tips less than 5 $/€ are not accepted - fraud in LCDHs when a price tag is pasted on cheap cigars barcode from expensive ones. As for air travel, now there is also added this problem.
  6. The upper warranty seal appears to be fake (barcode and corners without rounding)
  7. A girl sorting leaves can also afford to smoke a free cigar. RG is not limited. ;-)

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