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  1. I noticed it after I posted it 😅 would like more info on TOA if anyone has any
  2. I got a box of WC with TOU Mar 22 I’d also like to know about this code
  3. Vigia in a Churchill size JL2 in a DC format And QDO 50 in a DC
  4. @madandana chase EH Taylor it's better than BT and Weller SR
  5. Most of Buffalo trace products are allocated, if you see it get it. Things are about to get alot worse, only way to get things now is know the accounts and where all the super allocated bottles go or to buy them on secondary, I just picked up a case of Weller full proof picks. But for those wondering old rip is Weller antique, lot b is Weller 12 the only reason pappy bottles are pappy bottles is due to the van winkle family going to Buffalo trace to pick out barrels. Buffalo trace is watered down Stagg Jr so on and so forth. Buffalo trace are the experts in marketing and putting out bee products and can't keep fore items on the shelves. Save yourself the headsche buy stuff you can find everyday and don't chase allocated stuff. At spec's in Texas Buffalo trace is behind glass.
  6. I'm personally partial to bowmore and ardberg! Can't ever go wrong with either! It's what I go for when I want a break from all the bourbons I drink.
  7. Finally got my hands on this year's pappy 15 going to look forward to trying it side by side to last years release
  8. Old rip at retail and Russell's Reserve 13
  9. My wife got this one time release from willett in the mail today
  10. Well I only bought one and it was secondary but it was a short barrel, but I actually have a 4th coming in. @Stogiepuffer
  11. Boone county small batch 12 year these are non existant my wife has been getting all my good deliveries Willett x wolves whiskey collab
  12. Finally got a bottle I've been chasing a long time
  13. No worries, I totally understand I'd settle for a sample 🤣
  14. How about a case of michters toasted barrel bourbon
  15. Awesome concept!! Cheers to you fellas for doing this!! And if you have any spare bottles I'd love to try some 😅 huge bourbon chaser here!!
  16. This year's EHT special release I've got 2 actually
  17. Alcohol I tend to drink armangnac, bourbon and scotch Non alcohol it's either sparkling water, or coffee
  18. Michters barrel strength rye 2021 Weller single barrel
  19. GTS 2020 Parkers 2020 heavy char Thomas S Moore bourbon finished in wine barrels new release from Barton

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