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  1. Get in line! There was a very, very small initial release. Word is these are very good, so if any are hitting the market, they are being bought up right away. Who knows? HSA is HSA and it wouldn't be the first time they appear to have forgotten to release something they said was coming down the pike.
  2. How many cigars have you been smoking? If it's an option, take 3-7 days off, then smoke one of the offending sticks. Usually, I lose flavor if I've been reaching into the humidor a wee bit too much.
  3. Agree it is likely a fermentation/processing issue much of the time. The issue is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be. If there's any hope, it's burying the box for another 2 or 3 years and sampling to see if it's improved. I have a box of HdM EE that had terrible burn issues when I bought them almost 3 years ago. I left them alone and now all is well. Good luck!
  4. Liked them ok as a kid, but preferred a regular hotdog even then. As an adult, I'd have to be pretty liquored up with no kebab or pizza in sight to consider eating one of these.
  5. I've never had an issue. These days, they have bigger fish to fry.
  6. THIS. AWS (doing business under a variety of innocuous names) is holding a lot of intelligence agency contracts for their server farms.
  7. At least your state isn't plunging headlong (still) into "Oh, won't someone please think of the economy!" They banter about projected deaths via suicide from an economic depression while the hospitals are filling right now due to this virus. Hell, I have to convince my employers to allow me to return to working from home. I've had enough of their cavalier attitude, however. I'm not going back, regardless of their opinion regarding this "hoax virus."
  8. Don't shoot me for saying they're not as good as they used to be, but for me, they are the quintessential robusto with the honey notes. I remember ones from 2007ish that were much more with the mustiness and less with the fruit, which I prefer, but still love them all the same. To my taste, they need significant age (3-5 yrs bare minimum) and I've seen some abysmal construction before.
  9. This is my question as well. My nuclear family had the flu in January and is was easily the sickest I've been - it was a right mfer with high fevers, lots of dry hacking coughing and so much fatigue. Even after "getting better," it took weeks for my lungs to heal up. I've rarely had the flu and rarely get sick, but it was a bad one. My oldest and I both sought medical treatment for symptoms and both of us tested positive for Influenza A (wifey and youngest are made of tougher material, I think; oldest and I are blood type o). What I want to know is considering how unreliable the quick flu test is (results in 10 minutes right at the doctor's office, lots of documented false positives), is there a possibility that coronavirus can throw a positive for Flu A on a quick test? I have not seen any news articles or resources anywhere mentioning this, none of my med industry friends and family are epidemiologists or virologists and I don't have paid access to the newest peer-reviewed medical journals.
  10. BLP JUL 08 ERDM CS. They're turning the corner with legs left for another 12 years easy, but I'm already into the bottom row. Must... get... more...
  11. Smoked the last from a box and the ginger notes on the finish were just insanely good! Sigh, the boxes are dwindling.
  12. Last 2 boxes I got were ENE JAN 17 and they were the best I had ever seen with one box sporting a flawless rosado wrapper and the other having a deep Colorado Maduro wrapper and both boxes being pretty damned oily-looking. Those will be the last 2 boxes I crack open. Where to begin? All of the biscuit and coffee and earth you love about the Upmann profile and then, depending on age, typically either a bucket full of leather or else that leather turning to a particular creamy note I have not found in any other marca. I love them and it was the first truly disheartening cancellation in my world of cigars. I prefer the mareva and I preferred this one above all others, even the PLPC.
  13. Logged on to say this. HUPC was a personal top-3 favorite and I smoked 2 a week. When the discontinuation was announced, I a) stocked up on HUPC boxes and b) tried the other Upmann blends in hopes of finding a replacement. The No 2 (and Connie 1 to a lesser degree) was all that seemed to check all the boxes for me.
  14. So a small provincial factory? Or is it possible they use an alternate factory identifier to obscure who actually rolled the RE?
  15. No need to comment after Ray, other than to second that if your ambient temperature/rh haven't changed, it's likely construction or flame-retardant leaves.

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