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  1. Let's face it. Anything less than John being king was a let down
  2. No replies... Because we are all pretending it never happened. It was ruined. It was just bloody ruined. So many little sub plots and details ignored and gone to waste. The last season rushed and ruined. Much like when your child is a wrong un, it shall not be spoke of and we shall pretend it never happened, so much disappointment...
  3. Today I took delivery of an S T Dupont Slim 7. Opted for the chrome one and got the old man the gold one. Only used it once so far but the square flame worked a treat lighting my Juan Lopez 2. Perfect all round even light. Kinda shocked me. Slight toast. Gave it a blast and a drag and it was lit perfect. I think the wide flame really helped. The Le Grand of course looks a fantastic lighter and I was sorely tempted. But well... it costs nigh on a grand.
  4. Not had one but I did retry a Punch de Regios Punch 2017 the other day. Only my second one and it had vastly improved on the one I had 12 montha ago. In fairness a pleasant cigar now.
  5. So chaps what cigar do you plan to enjoy on Christmas day and how and where will you be smoking it?
  6. Agreed. And we havent had a majority government since 2017. We shall see what happens.
  7. You just made me get a dictionary out... I do quite agree. Thankfully in the UK we are more than just a two party government. So it is more than a us v them situation, those of us on the centre are somewhat fickle with pur votes! I have voted for the Lib Dems as many times as the Torys. And i do have to admit that Labour was somewhat appealing this time. Unfortunately idealism and well intentions do not quite translate into reality. Perhaps with stronger leadership I may have commited the immortal sin (just as working class voters in labour strongholds find it hard to vote tory, us upper working class/lower middle class voters in tory strongholds find is hard to vote labour). Close but no cigar this time, mainly down to a lack of leadership and the fact that the previous labour government (who are nothing to do with Corbyns version of labour) left everything in such a mess. Politics are truly changing in the UK, its not a two party race and personally reform and perhaps even PR would lead to more reasonable and centre ground government in future.
  8. Yup. Debt is off the balance book and its almost like new labour had their cake and ate it and knew full welp the torys would have to clear up the mess for decades after. Yet labour supporters turn a blind eye to this..
  9. Global economic recession... the money stop flowing around. So everyone had to stop spending. Which meant the money flowed around even less! In fairness if we had another ten years of austerity then we could make a good dent in the national debt and perhaps even run a surplus. That wont happen tho, a bit of investment is required.
  10. Bankers had nowt to do with it. For 10 years labour ran a massive deficit that only got worse. Majors government ran a surplus. Then a sub prime crisis happend in the USA because poor people had mortgages they couldnt afford to pay. That rippled down and through the world and seemingly overnight liquidity dried up. Thats what recession is, its all of a sudden people thinking damn im over exposed here, best not spend anything and had best hold onto the money i have and pay my bills late. When everyone does that it causes knock on problems. Houses then didnt sell, prices fell as people were desperate, people then left in negative equity, banks foreclosed to cover their liabilties... massive negative feedback loop. RBS was massively exposed, at the time they tried to pull the rug from underneath my families feet and withdraw credit. (RBS forcing companies to take advisors and be put into special measures is quite well documented. Essentially the advisors asset stripped the companies). The government had no choice but to step in and provide liquidity, that was in fairness under written with shares in the banks. That money however, and this is what people do not seem to appreciate - is a drop in the ocean compared to the deficit and the national debt.
  11. Austerity was required as labour splurged all the money... Boris didnt take the 20000 police officers away. He is now in a position to do something positive. Lets see what he does. I suspect he will be one of the better PMs we have had.
  12. Of course we could take the view that rain is Tory because it pisses all over the north....
  13. Lol. I think Boris will be feeding the north now. Think about it logically. If he looks after those marginal constituencies that have handed the election to him then labour will be out for decades. Especially with the SNP doing so well in Scotland. Give the chap a chance, he knows where his bread is buttered.
  14. Indeed. I agree with you. Discussion of politics is very important. But I do think that if people are prepared to speak about politics then they should also be prepared to listen. What labour has done to their core voters is stupid. And i personally think we will have a softer more centralist tory party now that will look after those core voters. Boris is already talking about 80bn of funding for the north. If boris can get the old labour voters to suppport the torys going forwards then he will have played a blinder.

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