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  1. This. I've had 4 boxes of problems but I keep buying them for the unicorn that they can be
  2. I've a funny response to this but it'll just get me banned. Just laugh, trust me, it was good.
  3. I only smoke cigars that I like, while I can afford it. I think when I run out I'll just be done. Or by then have a noce stock of aged nudies.
  4. Joey, can't open the pic. Would be interested to see
  5. And many nice alternatives becoming available. Look at the moonswatch
  6. I love playing golf. I rarely watch it. I could almost care less about this controversy, other than it gives me pause to support Saudi Arabia. Not that it matters really whether I watch a Saudi supported venture. They already have their oil money. It would take a stroke a genius to lose it all somehow so what can we do about it? The only thing I find interesting is the PGA players being so outspoken against Phil and the LIV crew. What should they care? Could even be able to leverage higher purses out of PGA events if they played their cards right. What I suspect it all boils down to is this. The only tourneys anyone cares to watch really are the majors. These other filler stops on the tour, they appeal to some, but not the majority (I suspect) of golf watchers. LIV is just going to be more filler tournaments. It will ultimately fizzle out. But go make that filler tournament money while it lasts.
  7. I dont disagree about the danger of the bears being minimal. I hope you find the humor in my wife thinking they're just waiting to eat her behind each tree though.
  8. My wife, born in Mexico City and hence did not see top gun 1 when it first came out, heard about the excitement from work friends regarding the new one. So we watched the first one together. After it was over she proclaimed it an inferior, stupider, copy of an officer and a gentleman. I never thought of it that way but upon reflection could not agree more. Anyway, to each his own I suppose as taste is never something upon which I myself wish to be judged. I go to court in plaid on occasion, and have more than one purple suit (not so purple you'd notice but when I point out it's not a dark Grey houndstooth....). Anyway we are headed to Alaska to spend time on thr Kenai. Should be a delightful relaxing time. Hanging with friends who moved up there in their home. Wonderful of them to invite us. I'm bringing 20 nudies up to keep the mozzies at bay and we might even catch a few dozen sockeye. My wife of course is not fully prepared for Alaskan living and was asking about which pair of high heels she should bring to go with her dress. I then saw her new fox fur and leather jacket in thr garment bag and was like honey, we need to have a little talk..... Now she's scared of the bears but it's fine because we are well stocked up on those things that you're not allowed to talk about here and also bear spray. I've never been up that far north and am excited to see it. Will post pics of is smoking with the mooses and bears.
  9. I've always liked Psd4 with full bodied reds. Had a plmc with a nice Sav blanc last night and it was perfect.
  10. The tanties and bannings (bannies?) will continue until morale improves?
  11. Touchy indeed. No doubt also complicated by the fact that I almost always post on my phone which is not conducive to supreme clarity of message.
  12. You are correct. In my statement I was mostly referring to the covid issue of "give us free money and no consequences." I think that has set a terrible precedent. Government has its place but lately I fear America has become too reliant on the central state.
  13. Thank you for those kind words @El Presidente. I couldn't agree more. I am proud to be an American for the reasons you describe. Sure. We've got Karens, and we've got Bubbas, but no community is without its trouble makers. I can't truly express my feelings about this issue without violating forum policy so was going to stay silent but I appreciate the sentiment of this message. Optimism built our society and optimism, whether foolhardy, level-headed, or downright insane will see us through whatever crises we find ourselves in. Of all the issues we have, the only one I find truly concerning is that recently a growing number of my countrymen have begun to look to the government to solve their problems. If we can steer clear of nanny statism I feel we can break through some of the bigger hurdles that have set themselves up over the last 5 years or so.

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