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  1. RIP I always enjoyed reading about his adventures.
  2. Cohiba Siglo IV is my pick and Cohiba is my favorite marca (I really do love them- medio Siglo, siglo I and IV are always great). Bolivar is second place. Siglo IV is incredible when that honey is coming through. Still haven’t cracked any Siglo VI - I think I have 2 or 3 boxes squirreled away. Should I dig into the 2015 box yet?
  3. How can you have “pancake” as a flavor and not have San Cristobal on there? Also missing “cocoa” for Bolivar. surprised with Upmann and leather- for me that’s the number 2 personified. Salted nuts and P2, etc.
  4. Yes, I did. I stop by the shop to see him every trip.
  5. PL Galanes on Seven Mile Beach. I bought two singles here in GC, they are pretty good cigars. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first one, shown here.
  6. Used to be pho with beef (pre-children), now it’s pizza delivered from “Mmm mmm pizza” down the road (with children).
  7. Nightcap with RyJ Linea De Oro Nobles gifted by a friend. Not much flavor in the cigar. The rum is incredible
  8. Pre-Easter brunch Bolivar RC tubo on 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
  9. I wish they had shown the walk in humidors a little.
  10. A friend of mine who is big into bourbon helped me with some repairs that helped me sell my old house. I’d like to get him a bottle or two as a thank you gift but Pennsylvania is terrible. I know he’s been looking for a while for Weller full proof, Weller 12 and Stagg jr. I believe he also mentioned trying to find Elmer T Lee and EH Taylor anything but small batch. if anyone can source any of these bottles please let me know. Thanks!
  11. There is a free tram from Bellagio to the city center shopping area which is fun to walk around (at least it was last time I was there). I smoke at casa de montcristo or parasol down at the Wynn. Baccarat bar is cool for people watching.
  12. Boli PC for me. They are consistently satisfying. But I like PCs.

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