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  1. The Epi 1 with age is one of my faves. I used to trust Ken's palate. But now.... J/K
  2. I also enjoy several blends from Giolito, the Haut 10 being one of his best. Thank you for the review. Very enjoyable to read.
  3. If he’s willing and able, I would make a special request to @JohnS for the review. Over the years, I have found John’s reviews to be exceptional, not only pertaining to flavor profiles, but also in offering a perspective on the history of the blend and marca.
  4. It’s been a mixed bag for me, specifically referring to draw issues. Latest box seems ok. My lightly aged box (‘16) is ok too. But I’ve bought a 6-pack where all of them were plugged. Not a firm draw. I mean pluuggggeed. Whether you get them here or blind, you just won’t know til you’ve cut it.
  5. Might have to clear your cookies from your browser.
  6. There is no loss like the passing of a loved one. Deepest condolences. ??
  7. I do this, as well, as an emulation of the “professional” cigar reviewers, as this is they’re method, at least the ones that employ a more fantastical approach. Sensations on the tongue and flavors in the sinuses trigger nostalgia.
  8. Eddie Murphy. What a riot. I remember listening to an old cassette tape of Eddie Murphy Raw on my Walkman back in the day. Never laughed so hard.
  9. Field of Dreams Shawshank Redemption Rocky (1-4) ....and for a bonus belly roll, Dumb and Dumber.
  10. Yes to the perfect draw tool. Again, yes to the above recommended rH range. Dryboxing can help, but it has been relatively inconsistent for me. I ended up chucking a whole six pack of Partagas Lusitanias b/c they were all plugged, even after dryboxing for weeks. your biggest asset will be patience. I’ve learned to let new boxes sit in the humidor for 3 to 6 months before I touch them. It’s been a while since I’ve had a truly plugged cigar now, but that’s after many, many months of figuring out the right combination of relative humidity versus rest time. Good luck.
  11. I don’t see any shorts. Let’s not assume anything. ??
  12. I second this, along with Trinidad...Vigia or Fundadores.
  13. Are both boxes aged, or just the Upmann? Maybe it’s the oil?
  14. I have the Colibri v-cutter. The blades are sharp. As long as the cigar fits into the cutter, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to handle 60+ RG. However, the only real way to find out for yourself is to purchase a 60+ RG cigar and give it a go. And you can let us know after you find out.
  15. Great post, great pics, a great experience. Thanks for allowing us a teeny tiny taste through your opportunity, sir.

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