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  1. Can we please just lock this thread? It's not civil discourse. It's sea-lioning and trolling. Every logical, fact-based reply is being countered with conspiracy theories, misinformation, whataboutery, and "Q" propaganda. Well meaning parties - such as Ken - are giving genuine responses, trying to speak reason, in a civil manner. It's falling on deaf ears. This thread may not be explicitly about us politics, but it has become an example of american politicization of covid. It's not cool. Mods, please, shut it down.
  2. None of the above, plus any of the above. There's a slim chance that all those groomsmen are going to appreciate a 20+yo cigar. After hyping it up for 20+ years, you're setting yourself up for disappointment when they take 2 puffs then ditch them in an ashtray. I'd get a box of something cheaper, closer to the wedding, to share, and a box (of any of the above) now, for you and your son to enjoy privately. If I'd to choose from the list above, I'd go 898, but that's just personal preference. Also don't sleep on the hoyo dc. They may be gentle giants, but they're leggy...
  3. One of the most underrated vitolas, in my opinion.
  4. I gave my buddy a box of these PMS DIC 13 partagas habaneros for his birthday a few years ago. He loves a good 'firecracker' stick, but doesn't collect, so that's the sum of his humidor contents. I held onto another box [of the same code] , for sharing in solidarity with him, on the rare occasion that he gets around to having a cigar. I found out last night that my buddy's grandpa passed away. Thankfully, he went in his sleep, with a smile on his face, in the presence of loved ones. My buddy asked me to 'light a firecracker for grandpa'. Went ahead and took the first example, in a few years, out of this box. After 7 years. These habaneros still pack quite a punch. Just like grandpa's legacy, they've got a lotta legs left in em. To all my fellow smokers who've been holding onto some sentimental stick for a special occasion, fire one up for Jose.
  5. LGR FEB 18 hoyo petit robusto. Ths box is coming along nicely. Lots of the characteristic "mushroomy" flavor I love in hoyos. Accompanied by a couple cups of earl grey and chai, quite a nice way to start the day. Further evidence that the 16-18 run of TOS/LGR is one of the greats. I woefully dread the thought that someday I will inevitably run out of TOS 16 principes...
  6. If you care enough to pore over my comment history, I'm sure you'll find it in there somewhere
  7. I mean... I'm not presenting any information that wasn't already openly available to anyone who looked for it. I have also commented on the SLS/OJ phenomenon before, in another thread, if that's what you're referring to?
  8. It's even worse if you brush with dental powder (baking soda). You won't taste anything within a certain pH range for days. Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate. It blocks the 'sweet receptors'. Why is it in toothpaste? Beats me. My best guess is that it's to give you the impression that all that sugar is gone from your mouth. That flavor was always in the oj. You just usually don't taste it because the sweetness tempers it.
  9. The first one reminds me of when I visited amsterdam. I noticed that all the buildings seemed to 'lean' toward the street. I asked my friend and guide if he knew what that was all about. The answer was characteristically Dutch. In order to maximize the square footage of very small parcels, most houses have quite narrow stairwells. Not exactly optimal for lugging large furniture up to the third floor. The solution? Lean the building forward. A pulley system is rigged to the roof, to hoist large items from the ground, to upper floors. Since the façade is not perfectly vertical, there is more clearance when hoisting, and that family heirloom chaise longe doesn't get scratched up against your shutters. Brilliant. I absolutely adore the Dutch.
  10. Been revisiting 77-~80 lately. Brent's Earth Day live premiere was on GD radio recently. 'Day after Cornell' has always been a favorite for me too. I'm almost surprised you didn't go with half a cup of rock and rye ? Plmc is definitely a deadhead choice, through and through. Lovely review, brother. Thanks.
  11. I really enjoy rolling my own cigarettes/cigarillos from good quality short filler. Wish I could get my hands on a bundle of cuban short filler like this. Would sure beat bali shag and american spirit ?
  12. Not at all. Smell and taste aren't actually different senses. They're just components of the olfactory system. Describing an aroma vs a flavor - it's whatevs. We associate smell with the nasal cavity, and taste with the mouth, but we actually need both, *for* both. It's all of a piece. Re: feet - don't kinkshame ?

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