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  1. Back to the golf course for a practice match for the club championship. Brought a Party sp2 along for the ride. Lovely shade of wrapper and hopefully it will be a nice companion. Opens up with a too tight draw but maybe I didn't cut enough of the head. Snip snip and draw is on the manageable side of tight. No perfect draw so will have to endure as in the days of yore. Luckily I hit a nice iron shot odd the first tee and make an early birdie. It will prove to be the only one of the day but at the time it was energizing. Puff puff. 🍄 and forest floor with a sourdough undertone but the tight draw is stiffening up. First third is pleasant and it burns well. Make bogey on 2 and lip out for another birdie on 3. Four is a struggle because the cigar got bitter which caused me to tug my drive right but snip the head again and the bitterness fades so I come back with an aggressive wedge to 12 feet. Just miss birdie again. Second third of the stick starts to go south. Construction is hampered by the tight draw and many touch up become necessary. Interesting flavors though. Getting a bitter espresso note that plays well with the fungal twang that rides with this cigar but the draw stiffens up and she needs to be tossed into the lake off of 6 after a tee shot into the green to set up another par. 5 we won't talk about because it's an easy eagle or birdie op and I just blew my chance. Cigar was good while it lasted but I've had better. Still a 1 on the old 0 or 1 scale though.
  2. I have also heard that out of the know buyers are getting taken by thr sellers for the inflated premiums and only sophisticated buyers are getting anything close to a real value. It's a mess.
  3. I certainly don't. I think you could buy some put options on major players in key industries you're betting against, but it would escape me how to properly value the option, and you can always pick the wrong player.
  4. I think there are few safe places to park your cash If you need it to be liquid. Maybe some high dividend paying securities if you think they will survive the recession. Dollar cost averaging index funds makes sense if it's a long term strategy. The real balls are in shorting right now, but I am too unsophisticated to play with the big boys in this field.
  5. Hey, I'll have you know my customers are always satisfied.
  6. When outdoors in the summer evenings in mozzie country (NJ slang for mosquitos. Some out west have taken it as a racial slur which it is certainly not), I will rock a pair of seer sucker pants with a white linen long sleeve shirt over a tee. Does wonders to deter bites on the legs and arms. Also I wear thin socks and driving loafers for footwear rather than sandals. The cigar smoke also deters the little buggers. But my wife sitting next to me always gets eaten alive. My uninformed 2 cents is women get eaten more than most men. Most likely because they use lotion and perfumed beauty products which I always avoid.
  7. I've never been floored by one but I've never been disappointed either. I guess in this world it's hard to come up with higher praise. I've been floored by monte no 2 and some partagas sp2, but also straight let down by both too, and when I was running without a backup stick.
  8. I bet he'd be a hoot to tie one on with. You too Prez. If you're ever in colorful Colorado you better look me and @Corylax18 up.
  9. There's a certain subset of young people that do believe this, though. It's a fact. I don't think anyone here is saying the belief is either objectively supported by evidence or even reasonable, but it's one that is shared by many younger people in the United States at least. I certainly don't condone the belief but I can't pretend it's not part of the political climate. Read comments about loan forgiveness online if you don't believe me. Pretty aching divide.
  10. I've had that on more than too many Fuente Hemingway cigars in almost every size. Trouble is when they don't do that, they're great.
  11. Well said. I might have done something like that at my stepdaughters law school graduation Saturday. Still waiting for the bill for that excellent cabernet we enjoyed (dont judge me i love a jammy Paso Robles cab and I am the veritable sucker born each minute for it). I hope it's as good as I remembered it when I crack the first of 24 bottles outside the haze of the moment in which they were purchased. Even if not, she and I will be partners soon enough. More than enough reason for her to drink more than she used to. My best 5 friends: three are outrageously, nigh incomprehensibly more materially wealthy than I, and two work in welding with their hands and espouse spiritual wealth from earning a living by bending the world around them to their whim. We never pass up an opportunity to spend time together, which is priceless. No one judges or bothers with what is unimportant in life, which is precisely how other people choose to spend their time and money. Likewise, change the two richest with the two least well off and the group would pretty much be the same. Attitude is everything.
  12. Good taste in beer that hotel clerk has. You on the west coast or is this even more special?
  13. Everyone is terrible on average. There will always be individuals that will inspire you from any demographic. Send me one of your promising hires. I'm looking!
  14. I'm a country club member and bought a wine locker there. They will stop offering them soon I am sure. Costs 10 bucks to cork one of my own bottles brought from home. They're unhappy with that.
  15. As tempting as it is to blame them, I cannot bring myself to engage in that way of thinking. Ignorance is bred through social programming. Ignorance is the enemy, not the individual.
  16. I dont know that most of the folks here are surprised, per se. I do know that the younger, less educated crowd is. To me that is a function of a sliding decline in educational quality in the US in particular (can't speak for the rest of the world) where rote memorization is prized above critical thinking and abstract aristotelian learning elevated above pragmatic things. I had a week long class in HS about debt management, taxation, and loans, including credit cards and mortgages. My stepdaughter isn't learning about that. I also had economics classes in HS and though I am no great believer I the field as an applied science with predictive ability, the history learned through economics is priceless. I also had a course on the labor rights movement. None of these things are taught today. Kids barely learn more about the end of WWII than "good guys won." Add all that together and you get disillusioned young people who don't appreciate how the situation got where it is. They blame "boomers" for screwing up the world, which is true only as speciously as most policy movers are from that generation. They still want free money from "taxing the rich" but them you get 27 yesr old tech yuppies whining about paying more than 20% of their 150k a year, complaining that they're not the "rich" they were talking about a few years prior while agitating for progressive taxation. My 2 cents prior to starting a busy work day.
  17. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I don't get the Regio. It's never been a top performing robusto/hermosa4 in my mind and there are too many better alternatives in that lineup. PSD4 when on, uppman Connie 1. Etc
  18. @El Presidente, youve captured my exact feelings regarding NC generally. I am waiting to see whether the nudies beat put the flavor death in the final third with some additional rest. Mine are still not at optimal smoking humidity for my taste despite patiently waiting. I think another 90 days will see them at the appropriate acclimation and I have high hopes for both the Lancero and Carlotta.

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