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  1. Very sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences.
  2. I think discord is being amplified by the news media. I have lunch every week with people I used to work with who have different views. We can discuss our differences calmly and enjoy the conversations. Also, diverse political views are discussed at my cigar lounge. I do agree that an election party is not the place for differing views.
  3. We are attending a party tomorrow, but everyone will be like-minded.
  4. I really don’t remember. I tried to find it before I posted but couldn’t. I just looked up the Robson robot lighter and I don’t remember it looking the same. As I recall, it had a small red button that started the process. But it functioned in a similar way. Of course, J C Whitney didn’t have a reputation of selling high quality stuff.
  5. This reminds me of a gimmick I bought out of the J C Whitney catalog years ago (maybe the late 60’s when I was a teenager.) It was a cigarette dispenser that mounted under the dashboard of my car. You’d load up a pack of cigarettes in it and when you pushed a button on the front of the unit a cigarette would roll down into a chamber and an arm with a heated element would push the cigarette out of a hole in the front of the unit and present you with a a lit cigarette. It met its demise one day when I had to pull over, rip the damn thing out from under the dash and throw it out the window after it tried to light all of the cigarettes in the unit. I think I’ll stick to a flame.
  6. Don’t calibrate your humidistat at 75%. Get a boveda pack that is closest to the humidity you want to maintain and place the humidistat in a ziplock bag with the boveda pack. Leave them for 24 hours and note what your humidistat reads, then interpolate the reading you want from there. You’re going to be pretty close.
  7. No set time. But I do find myself taking a couple of extra draws after the cigar is telling me it’s given all it has to give. I guess I’m an optimist.
  8. I think there are less and less people laughing lately.
  9. Here are the photos I’ve gotten so far. Still have not seen pics of the actual cigars, just the box.
  10. A friend just bought a couple of boxes of Cohiba sublimes and asked for my opinion. The first thing I noticed was that the green warranty seal was attached to the wooden box, not the outer cardboard box as I expected. I mentioned this to him and he sent a photo he found on that shows a photo of the seal attached to the box. Under cohiba, 4th row 2nd column did the sublimes come this way or is the photo on the page in error? I’ll get some additional photos and post in the appropriate group, but am I mistaken that sublimes always came in an outer cardboard box and the seal was attached to that?
  11. Shelby07

    Storage Temps

    Hi .. this is surprising. I’ve always heard that beetles won’t hatch until temps reach about 80f over a period of a couple of days. Other than a temp controlled humidor, 65-69f deg can be rather difficult to maintain. I have kept my cigars at about 64-65% rH for several years and have had temps fluctuate between about 67-74f depending on the time of year and the house temp. Can you elaborate on your research and/or experience? Thanks.
  12. Well, it’s all working out for me. I’ve been telling her for years that I just didn’t have the time to visit the in-laws.
  13. Thanks for reaching out to me. I’d love to attend but I had made plans a while back. thanks for putting this together. I’ll keep an eye out for the next one.
  14. As most have said, it’s spam. It’s always a good idea to drill down into the source email address. Most of the time it will be a Gmail account or something other than you would expect a legitimate company to be using.
  15. Most of the home vacuum sealers allow you to seal the pouch without pulling the air out.

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