FOHrensics Ep 2: Which drink pairs best with a cigar?


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Grab a cigar and your favourite drink...       

My preferred beverage 

So I decided to do my own experiment and see if it was just Orange Juice or if other Orange drinks or other Juices made a difference when smoking a cigar.  I paired it with a cigar I've smoked qu

Shocked by the results. Can someone link the thread here with everyone's guesses about what they expected the results to be? I couldn't find it with search and it would be fun to compare the guesses with the final results. I can't remember now what I guessed but I'm pretty certain that OJ was not on my list. 

Great experiment! 

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5 hours ago, Ferrero said:

Grab a cigar and your favourite drink

At the 15 min mark Smithy posed a question, what drinks actually featured the most favour notes in common with cigars?

I would argue you were missing drink that has most in common is;

Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo

Cedar, Caramel, spiciness, citrus, grassiness, honey it's all there. 


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I read somewhere that Winston Churchill spent a day in Cuba smoking cigars and eating oranges, so must be something there!

For me it's gotta be a nice smooth aged rum from Barbados (Mount Gay XO, Doorly's XO, Doorly's 12, Rum Sixty Six), or St Lucia (Chairmans Reserve, Admiral Rodney).

But mostly I reach for Doorly's XO.

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Really enjoying watching this, and I intend to replicate this experiment with a couple of cigar buddies.

BTW I enjoy most nowadays with a cigar:  honey bourbon (really honey Tennessee whiskey) OR bourbon with a spoonful of honey OR an Irish whiskey with a spoonful of honey. Seems to bring out the flavors way way better than a scotch or plain bourbon or whiskey. Must be the sweetness of the honey that I like.  Now onto orange juice!

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I’ll have to try a Monty 4 with OJ one morning this weekend. The most common pairing for me is a black Americano but also enjoy rum and cognac.

If you do another test with other drinks it would be interesting to see your comments on an XO cognac.

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12 hours ago, juri said:

crazy i always use to drink OJ with my cigars now its more of whatever is on hand but i always felt OJ went the best with cigars 

You need to try with this bad boy a san pellegrino aranciata. One of my favourites. 


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Interesting results, and surprising with the OJ factor. I’ve always enjoyed a Margarita with cigars, perhaps this is similar to the OJ effect.

Consistent with the results, I’ve struggled to find a red wine that pairs well with a cigar, but a recent suggestion to try a shiraz, or syrah, given it’s sweet and smokey nature, seems to be working fairly well.

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I'm going to try this tomorrow and see which OJ makes a real difference, totally shocked with the results but glad Coffee is still a good pairing as I normally have that with most of my cigars.

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