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  1. Unless you're the world's biggest Jim Nabors fan, I have to assume you're from the 'Caug. BVI sounds nice- especially if anchored off the coast in a nice sailboat.
  2. Agreed. Ever get a chance to go to Zurich? Love that city. Looking forward to going back to Switzerland again when I can.
  3. Even though it’s been hell at times, if I were ten years younger I’d have three more (wife permitting of course).
  4. I don't think there'll be any controversy over #3 this year- but I'm still biting my nails until the 25th...
  5. Enjoyable video. Would like to see these Jun ‘19 cigars revisited in a year.
  6. Water. Publix brand. Bottled from local municipal water. Hmmmmm.
  7. Next level stuff here. I submitted my answer. The next night had one of my own and have second guessed myself since...
  8. Gonna stop reading right there... By the way, that’s a box of non-Cuban R&J. So technically, they’re the genuine R&J. But made with non-Cuban tobacco. Some enterprising young buck applied the Habanos stamps and DOP label. After looking them up, even the DR version isn’t exactly cheap. Maybe they’re knock offs of the DR version? Now my head is spinning. A knock off of a knock off...
  9. Have no idea- have never been. But I pray that the people of Hong Kong start getting the support they deserve...

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