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  1. I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by them when I grew up,also a lot of them were children who went through WW1,(my grandfather remembered seeing a zeppelin). It was a pleasure to have lived amongst so many wise, kind, considerate, brave, fun,and articulate people.
  2. Shame about Jamaica Blue Mountain, 20 years ago I would drink it all the time because of the quality flavour from the volcanic soil, and it's velvety texture. Sadly, like most other things in this ever increasingly quick turnover marketplace, overcultivation has rendered it just another name.
  3. I've had a genuine RASS with a toothy wrapper that was not very good.
  4. H Upmann Magnum 46. I have posted previously that I'm not a fan of the Perfecdraw as I believed it made the cigar tunnel. Well I take that back as it saved the day for me this time, must get a box of these!
  5. Sorry Lucass, I was thinking of the Perla. But I do have a PC that I'm gonna leave for 3 years or more.........
  6. One of my fave cigars Lucass, I would suggest to leave for another year, try one, if not up to scratch, then one more year should do very nicely.
  7. Captain, you are so spot on, but this Magnum 46 I'm smokin right now has flavours that is impossible to get anywhere else on this planet! And so pure and unique. Being a mongrel, I like more bite, but this fukcer has taken the bite out of me
  8. Yes I can make it! Will bring some Por Larranaga Gran Robustos from my Amsterdam trip this weekend.
  9. I've had it in a Petit Edmundo a few months back, and the wrapper went really shiny and silky as I smoked it down, into a lovely golden light chestnut brown colour, ending up like it was box pressed.
  10. Crunchy. But too dry for me these days, so I get the oiliest one I can get my grubby little hands on. Skippy smooth.
  11. I will be there next week checking out the cigar lounge in Van Lookeren and the new Por Larranaga RE Gran Robusto. Also Hartman Cigar store in Beethoven Straat that have Por Larranaga Picadores, I wouldn't bother with their Leidsestraat store unless you like cigars with pale wrappers. If you buy any tubos, make sure you get a receipt and check for mould before you leave the country, especially on Punch Punch, and Punch Royal Coronations! Have a nice trip.

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