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  1. we have cheap native smokes. not sure if they are truly "illegal", as they are grown, manufactured, and sold by the natives. The federal government calls them illegal as they don't get their tax (and we know how the Canadian government needs their taxes), but I've read that it is a billion (with a B ) dollar industry in Canada.
  2. a bit nervous to hear about the '19 stock plugs. I have quite a few boxes from '19. I remember "in" 2019 hearing how the sticks coming out of Cuba were better than year past...which apparently continued through 2020 (and into 2021?) I won't be touching these boxes for a couple years but my fingers will be crossed.
  3. But the guantanamera ain't getting you any social media cred.
  4. do you have room for an outbuilding? A garage. It would be easier, more effective, and overall a better option to turn it into a year round cigar room.
  5. I buy Cuban beans directly from a supplier here in Hamilton at our farmers market. It definitely has a distinct teeth tingling flavour. Plus you get the "oil slick" on the surface if you drink it black.
  6. Lord made a lady out of Adam's rib, Next thing you know, you got women's lib. Lovely to look upon, Heaven to touch; It's a real shame that they got to cost so much. She wants money, what she wants,
  7. yep. price increases are absolutely affecting my enjoyment .... of all things that have seen a price increase. Not just cuban cigars. I've cut my smoking by 50% (at least). Weed prices are stable, or in fact, decreasing, so I'm just smoking more pot and less cigars. And to think a year and a bit ago I considered moving away from weed completely, and only smoking cigars. So much for that thought.
  8. I found the leather flavour started to dissipate as they aged, with more fruit / creamy flavours coming out. but the RAS isn't nearly as leather / earth / fungal tasting as the RASS and/or RASCC
  9. I don't really like RASS and especially don't like RASCC. So it is not surprising I do like RAS. A much nicer, refined cigar. Don't need a full stomach before lighting one up. A very enjoyable cigar.
  10. that's a fat rainbow! That natural, or is it coming in from a Great Lake? Hot damned she's a beaut! I'd be confident that fish is over 7lbs. Well done Sir.
  11. that is a very common, but in most cases, very inaccurate comment. We tried it. There is a big difference. 3 years we used India for extremely basic services. It was horrible. It flunked badly. We cancelled our Genpack contract this year. Outsourcing for ANY job that requires communication (and sales) isn't an option.

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