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  1. Oddly sparse facial hair. That’s how he did it. Distracted everybody with that.
  2. Great return on your investment by any standards. I have a Jag. I refer to Rob’s earlier Land Rover remark.
  3. I understood precisely none of the above. Where do I put the coal again?
  4. I like it when smoke comes out the unclipped end. ?
  5. The “You Effing Numpty, What Were You Thinking” award must go to me. I had tickets for Queen at Knebworth in 1986. I was doing my final exams at school. I sold the tickets, and did the exams. I failed most of those exams. It was Freddie’s last gig. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ok, I’m going for The Ladykillers, and A Few Good Men.
  7. I’m surprised the car even touched you on its way over. Was it a go-kart? Still at least you know it can’t happen again now you’re 2cm shorter! Joking aside, I’m glad you’re still in one piece and on the mend, mate. ? I nominate “Honey Badger” as your new nickname, although I hear Rob has a better one... ? Get well soon pal.
  8. Esplendidos on a resplendent morning. UME ABR 15
  9. Continuing my tasting of 2016 Cuban customs, this is an Alex Churchill, probably now the best of the customs I brought home. I can only describe it as a beautiful beast. Not unlike a Boli Tubo No.1, in that it combines floral notes with a seriously full body. Absolutely brilliant, but I definitely needed to eat something afterwards! The pic makes it look a little darker than it actually was.
  10. Revisiting a couple of customs today. Yolanda No.2 has been fireproof until now, but this was all good. Reynaldo Cañonazo was like a windsock until I figured out why. Lol
  11. HDMDC LOM JUN 13. Very pleasant but no wow factor.
  12. RAG from EML SEP 14. Really in their prime now.
  13. Today’s Punch DC from MAE JUN 14 is far outclassing yesterday Cohiba Esplendidos from UME ABR 15.

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