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Thought that I would start this off for the new year. Good to see what people's favorite or current libation is. Tonight, The Balvenie Portwood 21...

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I'm feeling better today,  Not as dark, tense, and angry as I have been the past several days. Today was better. Chores around the house, building a new humidor, repaired a door frame, and just being

Masi Campofiorin.

Nice wine! Enjoyed many a bottle of the Campfiorin and it never disapoints. Easy drinking and nice introduction to Italian vinos! For me tonight, it is some Glenlivet 12. Simple, easy-drinking, pleasant flavours. No complaints.

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Tonight I'm drinking Ballantine's 17yo blend, awarded Scotch Whisky of the year 2013 by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. Not sure it quite lives up to that billing, but it is delicious; mellow, complex and great value

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A nice dram for sure Tino.

Cheers! There's just a hint of peat giving it some backbone, and lots of honey, heather and citrus. A great blend, I should pick up some more

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How would you compare the Fine Oak 18 to the standard Sherry 18?

Last night I tried a sample of Macallan Cask Strength. Best sherried dram I've had yet. And boy is that whisky dark.



Shame it's about to be discontinued. Bigger shame that the spanners at Beam Australia (Macallan's Australian distributor) decided years ago that Australia doesn't deserve Macallan's sherry line, so I can't go out and hoard remaining stock. Oh well, at least I have Aberlour and Glenfarclas to fill that void.

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The Mac Cask Strength is about to be discontinued? Where did you hear this?

After all the hoo-hah about Macallan dropping most of their younger line in favour of colour-graded NAS whiskies (Gold, Ruby etc), many I've talked to have been really worried that the CS was going to join the Macallan mass grave. I've read a number of anecdotes of people asking reps at tastings only to have the reps dodge the question or claim ignorance. I've heard from retailers in the US that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get at wholesale, and here's some info I found from someone who talked to a rep at a festival:

...according to what a Macallan "ambassador" / rep said to me when I asked the direct question about it being discontinued at the Fredericton whisky festival, it's going away along with the age statement releases. The latter are being replaced by bottlings that correspond to the 'colour' of the liquor, and the cask strength is being discontinued, period.

The joke was that the CFO woke up and realized that giving away 60% alcohol at 70$ a bottle was not as smart as turning that into 1.3 bottles of 43% alcohol and selling it at 200$ a bottle. But basically Macallan seems to be trying to ramp up production, which means they won't be ageing as much and will be mixing in younger casks with older to produce more product, and creating perceived value based on colour and flavour profile rather than age.

Long story short, they don't have the inventory to sell cask strength, apparently. Nor to make age statement releases even.

Source. Like I said, it's not official. But I have no problem believing it. And I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't an official statement and it just disappeared. Makes sense they wouldn't come right out and say "hey, we're not making your favourite Macallan expression anymore because we can make more money this way."

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I wouldn't panic too much, the parent company has 3.2 million litres of bulk whisky warehoused, the capability of producing & accessing 45+ million litres of alcohol annually...if they run out we're all going to draw the short straw...

The whisky industry loves a good rumour though...sends sales through the roof......peace.gif

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