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  1. Fantastic guys! I seem to still have a few green checks so watch out is all I can say. Um, as if I know what this means. But I will say it. Watch. Out. CB
  2. Coulda been the CLAP like everyone in Sir Paul’s audience did. 🥸 Don’t forget to tip yer waiter. CB
  3. We are going to go for two of these PP’s if it warms up a bit outside tonight lolol CB
  4. Great review and thank you! Just acquired 2 boxes of Black band petite Piramides, or as they are, torpedoes I guess lol. We adored them when we were so new at smoking cigars back in 2010 or so. Friends we knew here in FOH then liked them too. I am pretty sure, like pot today, I am finding Tatuaje a different strength and variety then back then. Going to let them age as you suggest and give them a go. CB
  5. Going to add one more crisis element to CC’s today. Fraud. Been going on forever of course but there are books, groups and yackety yack about it everywhere. I have always said, best thing about FOH and this level of collecting is we do not discuss this common shite. A more common question might be was EDRMCS better in 2007 or 2009? Answer is 2008. Anybody got a couple to trade ? (Just saying not asking). Also love trivia questions. CB
  6. Great discussion you guys. Thanks! Reminds me also about way way back in 2011-12 when RAExtras came out. Guys absolutely hated them. To this day this is my favourite cigar lol. Tiny example but hey lol. The rest period of cigars can trick us sometimes. And also the disaster of CC’s in 1999 or so? Feel free to elaborate and correct me on that. But many cigars were so bad you could not smoke them. Wines have this too right? CB
  7. Thanks for your clarification @NSXCIGAR and as I said, I do not propose to have to the knowledge guys like you do. The various writers on Halfwheel have opinions as do other writers around the world. Check this one and ignore if you think it is BS. I only read it to find a paragraph or two to explain why stores have no stock and why prices will go through the roof. CB
  8. I write a weekly newsletter for this tiny town cigar club where I live. I do not proclaim to have any more knowledge than you wonderful fellow collectors. I am only thankful for teaching me all about this shite for over a decade ok? In this newsletter I wanted to explain why cigars, especially here in Canada were either nowhere, or outrageous in price. Dig this, a quote I found online on Halfwheel: “Getting information out of Cuba is a tough task, but if I had to guess the reasons for the shortage are numerous and include: Habanos S.A.’s general inability to supply the demand for Cuban cigars pre-pandemic, the increased demand for cigars in the post-COVID-19 world, the aforementioned issues with workforces at cigar factories, poor harvests in previous years, and the increased civil unrest in Cuba in 2021.” I will now hold Cohiba and Montecristo cigars with my cold dead hands until the price returns to normal. Other vintage ones guys can fight over on Bond Roberts. It’s fun. The end. Hugs and Kisses, CB
  9. So here’s me standing in front of my 6 foot tall wine fridge. Not smoking the LE Genios. Auction. Vintage Piramides? Auction. A couple of other full vintage untouched ones, auction. Yeah ok. But partial boxes of anything else that even smells loveyCOdovey to me are for Mrs & Mr Beaver’s dead hands unless you say the magic code word: Trevor. CB
  10. That bottle of Balvenie is going to live at my house on Tuesday by the way. Just sayin’.🥰 Thank you @mtd057 ! CB
  11. We had the best time with you guys today! Thank you SO MUCH for welcoming us to that fabulous cigar lounge, filling us with beer and great trading cigars all afternoon. And now… join us! ^Mr & Mrs CB This event continued to show why FOH has been such a vital part of our cigar collection worldwide… since 2011. Thank you FOH! CB
  12. So excited to meet all FOH VIPs. Is there an update on lunch details? If this passed and will just combine with the glorious afternoon, terrific. If it is still a go, just wanted to double check. Yay! Lisa & Matthew

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