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  1. I more than respect what Melbournians had to endure. It saddens me to no end. As a Canadian, I also throw rocks from a glass house as we are only marginally better. Where I struggle, both here and with the pandemic in general, is the misdirected allocation of the angst. The missed funerals, the separated families, most of the human suffering is attributed to misguided and in my estimation, appalling measures and overreach by governments in many countries. I truly wish the human populace generally could muster up a fraction of the hate they found for Djokovic and correctly direct it to those actually responsible for the pain they have had to endure. If that were to ever happen perhaps we could truly take some steps forward in this battle.
  2. As a diehard Federer fan, I am certainly no fan of Djokovic. Also, certainly not going to make him out to be a hero. That said, the vitriol and name calling does seem a bit exaggerated here and in general. I get he is not very likable. However his record in giving is worth noting. He provided charitable donations to three separate countries early on in the pandemic to help them battle Covid. He supported the Australians via charitable donations when they were dealing with wildfires. Not saying any of this entitles him entry into the lockdown/draconian capital of the world for a tennis tourney. However, I would say his charitable record is pretty admirable compared to many athletes and likely proves a counterpoint to the arsehole and twat rhetoric.
  3. Went into a B&M today here in the Vancouver area to buy a stick and show some support. Owner said Cuban stock is hard to find as no one seems ready for plain packaging on the Cuban side. He did direct me to the NC side of the shop where about 50% of the stock was already communist compliant. Found it difficult to figure out what was what as the only identifier is small text on the band and I am not that familiar with the NC market. Sad state of affairs and appalling to see freedoms so easily forfeited but seems par for the course these days. As long as the message jives with your social justice warriorship, all censorship and tyranny is deemed acceptable.
  4. Welcome to FOH! Love to see more Canadian representation. You will enjoy your stay here!
  5. Welcome to the community JC! Always great to see another Vancouverite on board.
  6. While some may view it as a negative, for me I think a real positive would be to see some countries, mine included, start to put more emphasis on re-growing their manufacturing sectors within their borders. I think we have all seen through this, that when you know what hits the fan, it is each country for itself. Don't really fault any country for this approach. However, globalization and things like just in time supply chains have gutted many countries of their abilities to manufacture the goods they need in a crisis. Items such as medical supplies and pharmaceuticals come to mind. I think many of our countries would be much better off to have some of these critical goods manufactured "in-house" going forward. Capitalism is absolutely wonderful, but by nature, it deploys capital in the most efficient place necessary. As much as I favour small government, I think they could play a useful role here in providing incentives and the like to encourage a resurgence of home-grown manufacturing. It is difficult to overstate the importance the ability to repurpose manufacturing plants within the US played in allowing the Americans to win the last world war. We have lost that ability in today's world and I think this pandemic has really hammered home the importance of this going forward. Now all that being said, humans have shown a remarkable ability to quickly forget once a crisis has passed and revert back to their old ways so naively hopeful that this time is the exception.
  7. You bring up a very good point of clarification. I meant Italian Sangiovese primarily from Tuscany. Like you, I have tried Sangiovese from some newer regions, even here in Canada and they bear no resemblance to the Tuscan grape. I find even Sangiovese grown in Southern Italy to be quite different and not in a way that suits my palate.
  8. Keep on trying as much as I can but my happy place is definitely Sangiovese. 100% works but I find it really sings with some Cabernet (Sauv or Franc) blended in. Tignanello would be my favourite expression but find as long as we are talking above 80% Sangiovese it will work for me! Finding the heavy oak many new world producers are favouring is not my cup of tea. Similar to cigars, I find I have a more 'old-world' palate.
  9. You think so? Do they put a lot of money into advertising in European or Asian markets today? I don't know either way but don't recall having seen much in terms of marketing material (print ads, videos, or other media) from Habanos out there.
  10. As someone whose palate greatly prefers CC's, I would agree with this from a pure quality/taste perspective that the list should be 75% cc or more. However as a businessman, I would likely say not so fast. This list is tied to advertising/revenue for the magazine so unless Habanos starts to pump massive advertising dollars towards CA in conjunction with the lifting of the embargo, I would not expect to see massive changes in the list make up. Now with that being said, I am different than many here, I don't bemoan CA for their approach here. At the end of the day, they are a for profit business enterprise and I see no issue in them having an advertising bias in their list as I would say their conflict is pretty apparent for all to see and should simply be a fact to consider for a reader of the list. Also, thankful they exist despite disagreeing with most of their list. With our hobby under attack at every turn, I find it difficult to see any fellow cigar lover as anything but a brother/sister in arms. A sentiment that is only stronger for someone who is pushing the love of cigars in the public sphere through a print publication.
  11. I've long given up trying to understand the actions of most governments but got to say the ban on internet sales seems like a real head scratcher even by their low standards. Got to think it is somewhat intended to prevent it from getting in the hands of the underaged, but as mentioned, there are so many proven ways to get around this. Alcohol, and here in Canada, marijuana would be items with similar restrictions which are all offered online with minimal issues. In fact, the marijuana trade is actually government controlled here and they themselves sell online. Absolutely detest big government and their overreach and hope this one gets the pushback it deserves and is killed instantly. Truly cannot think of any industry that is under attack each and every day the way the cigar industry is. Here in Canada, we have legalized marijuana, provide safe injection sites for heroin users yet punish cigar smokers at every turn.
  12. Just to add some salt to the wound, I saw some video from Monaco from a few years back. Hamilton is in the lead with Verstappen in hot pursuit. Hamilton loses it into a chicane, cuts it short and re-enters the track right in front of Max causing him to slow up and for Lewis to keep the lead. Surprise, surprise, no penalty given then. To be clear, that was the right decision back then but baffled why the same approach was not used today. FIA really dropped the ball today.
  13. Full disclosure, I am a Tifoso, so definitely open to bias. With that said, what an absolutely horrendous decision by the FIA. Complete robbery. Not just robbery of a win from Seb but more importantly, robbery from the fans and the sport. I was enjoying the best race of the year and those last twenty laps would have been absolutely epic, a true battle between two champions on one of the best tracks of the year. I would have obviously been pushing for a Ferrari win, but even if Hamilton managed a legit overtake, there is no doubt this would have a been an excellent spectacle for the sport. An example of Formula 1 at its best at one of the few races of the year that are in prime viewing timeslots for North American fans. A rare opportunity to see all that Formula 1 can offer at its best. Unfortunately, we were left with yet another example of Formula 1 at its worst. A stunning illustration of everything that is wrong with the sport and why so many are tuning out. This is a difficult one to swallow. Both Hamilton and Seb showed class and respect to each other which is admirable but what a colossal failure for the sport.
  14. Wore New Balance exclusively for almost 20 years however about 3-4 years ago I noticed their quality fell off a cliff. They focused more on aesthetics and looks at the expense of the quality build they used to have. Switched to Brooks and am now onto my third pair and could not be happier. High quality, well, built shoes...what New Balance used to be. I wear the Glycerin line and highly recommend them as the cushioning is like nothing I have experienced in a runner. Definitely try a bunch and see what works best for you.

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