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  1. 1. Regular Production (including LCDH). Montecristo Open Eagle. (lifeless and bland. Runner up Double Edmundo) 2. Limited Edition Trinidad Short Robustos T
  2. One of the first Trinidads I smoked regularly. Never grabbed full boxes and I regret that. I always found it to be the most intense cigar in the Marca. Wish i went deep on them
  3. A few years ago I sold off 1 of my 2 McClaren F1's. I found the bright red one to be a bit garish. I prefer the Two tone Midnight Blue/Silver prototype. Which of course is more rare. As both cars are 1:18 scale, I really didn't spend much, though the resale of the red one gained me a tidy profit. 😁 But honestly. The F1 and XJ220 in a "worst" list? The F1 is a technical, design and performance triumph. It still looks better than most hypercars today. And the 3 seat configuration is engineering at it's finest. When I think of all the paring down Ferrari had to do with the F40 to make it hit 200MPH and then McClaren basically makes a comfortable supercar with all the amenities a "reasonable" daily driver it's kind of a joke to call is "bad". The only bad thing is the price and it's limited production run.
  4. NC's tend to be best at 70RH. CC's between 62-65RH. Definitely keep them in separate humidors as the NC's can/will affect the CC's. Most people buy those blank, adhesive bands and jot down the box code on it.
  5. Just finished grinding the last of my "Cohiba" beans. I've been enjoying it from the mocha pot. Once it's done, I'm going to go for the "Turquino" beans. That one is the most distinct bean for me in the Cuban range. If they can nail the flavour I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  6. In chatting with him, I really don't think he is. He's a casual smoker at best. BUT. He's sought counsel from many experienced smokers and they all agreed, the collection, while interesting, is "dead". At this point, he has no excuse whether he smokes or not.
  7. I would not ship the humidor intact with cigars. Put the cigars in airtight bins, move the humidor like it was a piece of furniture. Re-season it when you get there though. Cigars are pretty tough, but driving roughly 3/4 the span of Canada is a long haul, especially during daylight hours. You could see if there are refrigerated options? But I'd bet there probably aren't but if there was it'd be expensive. Bottom line. This is a risky venture. All you can do is mitigate it best you can. If you have a say in packing the trailer, I'd look to put them on the floor of the trailer and stack stuff on top. Heat rises and it'd be only a few degrees difference, but it's better than nothing.
  8. I believe i am familiar with this collection. Several well respected, long time smokers inspected the collection and basically declared them dead/unsmokeable. Curio items at best. It's a real shame. Not disclosing such conditions is IMO a cardinal sin in this hobby.
  9. Yup. It's definitely wishful thinking to think this item was attributed to him.
  10. @Fugu 's post sheds some light about this type of packaging. The Churchill archives has bills/receipts of his transactions all over. I'm not saying this is attributed to Sir Winston. Given, the packaging, and the era of the seal (unless I'm mistaken? Anyone with a differing opinion?) coincides with the WWII era. Could have been commissioned by a high ranking officer? Politician? etc..
  11. Great find! The Churchill Archive has an image of a bill from this shop. Probably one of many. https://www.churchillarchive.com/churchill-archive/explore/page?id=CHAR 1/110#image=6 I can't seem to get it. I probably have to register.
  12. In 1978 I was 9 years old. My oldest brother was into rock/metal and would come home with various albums that I would eventually listen to and come to love. At that age I got exposed to Judas Priest, UFO, Rush and the mighty Van Halen. He had a pair of very expensive Koss headphones that would really bring out the best of any recording. I'll cut to the chase. 10/10 right off the bat for me. Love the songs, the guitar tone, Dave's voice (before he stopped trying) and the thunderous rhythm section of Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony. Eddie is the star of the show though, who are we kidding? Eruption is like nothing anyone has every heard before. Prior to that, IMO,the best guitar solo opus that set the standard was Michael Shenker of UFO playing an extended solo on Rock Bottom, captured on their live album Strangers In The Night. That was a melodic and jazzy interlude to an already solid song. Eruption though, went in a different direction. So many sounds, scales, early shredding at it's finest. A fine sequence of "holy shit" moments condensed into a small showpiece for EVH. And when that track was done, you were introduced to the crunchy, opening riffs of You Really Got Me. Front to back one of the top debut albums of all time. Right up there with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, GnR. They really did hone these tracks over the years prior to being signed. Many of them part of their club show days and also cemented on early demos. Either by Gene Simmons or Warner Bros. I still listen to it often and to this day.
  13. I was approached by someone looking for information on the following item. It is a metal box, welded shut with what is assumed to contain cigars. It has a Cuban seal on it. The seal appears to be the one used from 1931-61. Dimensions: 19 x 5x 2.5 cm In addition to the Cuban seal, it has a sticker from a B&M in London. Grunebaums. 59 James;s Street. London. S.W.1 I've reached out to Rob Fox and team and they're not sure what to make of it. From my research, the Gruenebaums name might have some relation to Phillip Morris. But that relationship seems to pre-date this artefact by decades. In hopes that someone here might have a clue as to what this might be, I was asked if I could post this here. The contact would like to remain anonymous. So. Is this something specially commissioned or someone's flight of fancy?

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